Season 26


Girls rule, the categories drool (sometimes)

Wednesday: Alyssa Morgan     Jen Fick     Nora Corrigan       Me                                                     3200                9300             1999             28022        So I was wrong about Nora sticking around…

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Metals, Math, Mysteries, Monarchies, and More

     First, please vote in my poll below after reading this for a little background.      Here are the scores for Monday: (blogger!) Pamela Nelson       (crossword constructor!) John Cunningham      Alison Stone Roberg       Me                     20000                                                               8800                        30001                  30800     …


Thank God It’s Friday

     I’ve now finished my first (and last) week of keeping track of my score using the “Coryat” method.  I am undeniably frustrated today: I had my best score of the week at 23000, but I…


Not feelin’ the brotherly love today

         My score in the Jeopardy round today was roughly half that of yesterday’s Jeopardy round.  I really can’t explain why I didn’t come up with any correct responses in 1984.  I did know the answer to this first…