Season 29


This indecision’s bugging me

      First, a shameless and sincere request for votes:      I got home at 5:01 Sunday, and realized a few minutes later that nothing was recording when I glanced at the clock….

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The One Where A Bad Wager Snowballed

I’m back! (Andy, that is.) I’m writing this post in between days of the Northern Championship Scrabble tournament, where I’ve been directing! If you really care about what’s going on, you can always check out…


Making a not-so-surprise appearance…

      …it’s Jeanie!      I know I told you Andy’d be blogging today. But as happens to the best of us, his recording failed. I’m up early today, and here we are….


Getting the Crist

      So yesterday David Brown supposedly “restored the family honor” (as stated in his interview with Mr. Trebek) with a convincing win. Is he a flash in the pan? Katie Annis (The second…


Reality bites

     Yesterday, Patrick Geary won for the first time. His opponents today were David Brown and Sarah Orzalli. I have pictures but for some reason they haven’t arrived in my e-mail, and I’m not…