ToC Tracker

2015-16 Tournament of Champions Tracker

Updated through: December 23, 2016

ContestantGames Won$ Won
Jason Sterlacci2016 Teachers Tournament Winner$100,000
Sam Deutsch2016 College Tournament Winner$100,000
Seth Wilson12$265,002
Buzzy Cohen9$164,603
Tim Aten7$107,499
Andrew Pau6$170,202
Hunter Appler6$145,603
Pranjal Vachaspati6$137,088
Cindy Stowell (in memoriam)6$103,803
Tim Kutz4$107,000
Todd Giese4$82,403
Fred Vaughn4$65,700
Justin Bender4$62,401
Philip Tiu3$96,598
Laurie MacDougall3$78,000
Susan Cole3$67,800
Harris Stutman3$63,500
Alex Maggio3$63,401
Kelly Bayles3$62,700
Steve Belding3$58,801
Sam Scovill3$56,201
Chris Becker3$52,999
Lani Gonzalez3$50,600
Kyle Webb3$45,200
Amelia Hershberger3$43,000
Rachel Zoch3$42,699
Ellen Corrigan3$40,000
Joyce Hshieh3$39,403

Disclaimer: This tracker is a completely unofficial list, compiled based upon criteria used for past tournaments. This criteria is subject to change at any point. The final selection is at the sole discretion of the Jeopardy! producers.