He’s no Jack Kennedy

     This week is Kids Week (not “Back-to-School Week” as I had been referring to it).  Instead of keeping score with my Challenger, I’ve been trying to answer all the clues right in any round.  I haven’t been successful yet.  I went 20/27 in Monday’s Jeopardy round, and 26/30 in the Double Jeopardy round.  I was perfect until this clue that I’m embarrassed to have missed, in George Washington: “It’s the large northeastern city where George was first inaugurated, as Washington D.C. hadn’t been built yet.”*  I felt better somehow when I missed the next one, too, in Tell Us of Television: “Kitchen mates Mung Daal and Shnitzel cook up adventures for this title cartoon network guy.”*  Maybe I should not count answers like this one that will never ever come up on the regular episodes?  Still, I think it would be cool to be 30/30 at least once.  Did you guys notice that even the kids went to the Radio Disney category last in the Jeopardy round on Tuesday, and they were triple-stumped by at least 3 of them?  (I say at least because the 400 clue mysteriously vanished from my recording, and j-archive.com doesn’t have the game on their site as this is being published.)
     On Tuesday, I missed 4 or 5 in the Jeopardy round, depending on whether you’d count my answer of “buds” on this clue in Parts of Peach: “These parts of peach tree grow at nodes along the shoots of the previous season’s growth; they’re usually pink.”*  I was perfect until I got carried away dreaming of a title for this entry in case I stayed perfect.  I wouldn’t have otherwise missed this one, also in Parts of Peach:  “If this part of a peach is downy or fuzzy, the fruit’s called a peach; if it’s smooth, a nectarine.”*  My score was 27/30 in Double Jeopardy, my best for the week so far.  I’m 2/2 on Final Jeopardy this week. 

     Was anyone else disheartened and surprised when no one could identify this man at the end of Tuesday’s Double Jeopardy round?:
     I can only imagine what guest-blogger (and Canadian) Brian would say about this!  Here is the clue that went with it, in the category See and Say: “Say the name of this man you see shaking hands with the premier of China.”*  Andrea Salt guessed Nixon while Will Walters guessed JFK.  Will dominated throughout the game, though.  At the end of Double Jeopardy he had 30000 to Ethan Waldman’s 11400 and Andrea’s 1600.  Only Andrea got Final Jeopardy right of the three, but Will was more concerned that he forgot to put a question mark at the end of his (incorrect) question.  Here was the clue, in Historic Women: “She was born in Virginia around 1596 and died in Kent, England in 1617.”*  Will wagered a dollar.  His total of 29999 was higher than Surabhi Iyer’s total of 23001 on Monday. 
*New York City, Chowder, flowers or blossoms, the skin, Reagan, Pocahontas
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