You have through the weekend to post your Coryat scores from these last three weeks in a comment here for a chance to win an awesome prize!  Here are mine and the contestants’ from Tuesday and Wednesday this week:
Carrie Oken 1600     Ali Binazir 13600     Anthony Fox 15000     Me 14800
Jeff Gorham 13200     Margaret Metcalf 12600     Anthony Fox 11000     Me 18200
     Here are today’s contestants:

Jeff Gorham

Scott Harris


Julie Wolfson

     In my last post, I threw out the idea of explaining triple-stumpers I too missed rather than tell you which ones I got right.  The more I think about it the more I want to do it, but it’s gonna wait until after the Australian Open.  I’d have had plenty to work with today, though.  There were triple-stumpers left and right, and it was evident before the first Daily Double was found by Scott.  He had 2400 at the time, while one-day champ Jeff had -200 and Julie had 800.  The category was Colleges and Universities.  Scott wagered 800 on this clue: “Opened in 1865, this N.E. college was started by a scientist for an increasingly industrialized America.”*  Scott and I both didn’t know it.      At the end of the round, Scott had 2200, Jeff had 2400, and Julie had 4800.  A whopping four clues were left on the board, and I don’t have an explanation for it!  The board seemed less likely to clear in the Double Jeopardy round, because it featured a category about penguins that was read by the Clue Crew and some other peeps.
     I swept Siblings of Song and Where It Ails You in the Double Jeopardy round.  Scott found the first Daily Double in the latter.  He had 11800, Julie had 8000, and Jeff had 6000.  Scott wagered 1500 on this clue: “Acromioclavicular joint separation – the joint.”*  He got it right.
     Scott found the next Daily Double, too, in the aforementioned Penguins.  It sounded like he started to ask for the 1600 clue in the category, then changed his mind and went with 1200, where the Daily Double was found.  Julie still had 8000, Jeff had 8000 too, and Scott had 11800.  Scott took seemingly forever to make his wager, a baffling 1500.  There were two clues remaining after this one.  I would’ve wagered more, but not so much that I’d be behind those two if I’d gotten it wrong.  Anyway, here is the clue: “This 7-letter term for a breeding place for penguins comes from the name of a colony of another black bird.”*  I thought this one was tough, and Scott missed it, too.
     At the end of the round, then, Scott had 13600, Jeff still had 8000, and Julie had 9600.  The Final Jeopardy category was World Leaders.  This was the clue: “At his 1994 inaugural, he called for ‘a rainbow nation at peace in itself and the world.'”*  I’m sorry to say I missed this one, considering all the contestants got it right.  Jeff gained 1601 to lead Julie by a dollar until she added 6500 to her score.  Scott wagered 5601, enough to become the champion.  My Coryat score today was 16600.  Jeff’s Coryat score was 8000.  Julie’s was 9600, and Scott’s was 15000. 
*M.I.T., shoulder, rookery, Mandela