Four gets (yet a loss)

     Today’s contestants:

Megan Barnes (a stay-at-home mom!)

Janet Russell (a family physician!)

Jamie Santo
     Megan knocked off 5-time champ Tom Kunzen yesterday.  (What if he and the other Tom play in the same game in the Tournament of Champions?)  Both she and Tom are regulars on the Jeopardy! message boards, incidentally.

     One of the categories in the Jeopardy round was Old Names for Medical Conditions.  This seems like it would be a wheelhouse category for Janet, a family physician.  I’m a little surprised that she didn’t choose the category until after the first break.  She got three of them right, and Megan got the other two.  I wonder if Janet knew all of them but couldn’t ring in first.  I’m an RN, so I was happy about this category.  I got four of them right, and couldn’t answer this one: “An old name for influenza wasn’t grab or clutch but this, from French for ‘seize.'”
     Janet found all three Daily Doubles today, and she got them all right!  The first was the very last clue of the Jeopardy round, in The Arabian Nights.  Janet had 4800, Megan had 7600, and Jamie had 3800.  This was the clue: “To prevent her execution, this daughter of a vizier tells the king a story a night for 1,001 nights.”
     The next Daily Double Janet found was in Monumentally Odd.  She led with 8600 while Megan had 5600 and Jamie had 7400.  (Three strong contestants today!)  Janet wagered 2000 on this clue: “Go to this European capital if you’d like to see a statue of Saint Wenceslas mounted atop the belly of a dead horse.”  I didn’t get this one.
     Her final one was in Islands of the Atlantic.  She had just taken the lead with 13000, while Megan had 12800 and Jamie had 9400.  She wagered 2000 again on this clue: “In antiquity this Spanish archipelago with an avian-sounding name was known as the Fortunate Isles.”  I thought this one was pretty easy, and Janet got it too.
     Going into the final, Megan had 17600, Jamie had 11000, and Janet had 16200.  The Final Jeopardy category was British Novelists.  This was the clue: “In his journals he described how he once set 2 groups of boys against each other, likely inspiring his 1954 novel.”  This clue was an instaget for me, and all three contestants got it right, too.  Jamie added 10001.  Janet added 12000, but Megan had been in the lead, and she wagered enough to win even if Janet doubled.  So we’ll see Megan tomorrow. 
     What do you guys think of Janet’s wagers today?  Should she have lost after getting three Daily Doubles right?
     My Coryat score today was 18600.  Megan‘s was 17600, Jamie’s was 11000, and Janet’s was 13000.  My best categories were Old Names for Medical Conditions, The Arabian Nights (which I swept), and Famous Pairs.  My worst was Songs in Musicals.
     Here are some recent Coryat scores, including two from weekend episodes:
originally 10-21-09: Kevin Wilson 4800     Jen McFann 13800     George Long 16800     Me 22200
originally 12-18-09: Jennifer Montgomery 3200    Ryan Chaffee 18800   Bobbie Fulton 3200   Me 14200
3-21: Erin Maxwell 7000     Stephen Huey 11400     Tom Kunzen 19000     Me 10800