More deets about the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion

     The internal hysteria is almost reaching fever-pitch – Next weekend is the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion coinciding with the championships of the National History Bowl and Bee.  I’ve just learned still more details; for example, where I will be assisting on Saturday: the Kosciuszko Foundation.  I’ll be reading some of the Bowl questions there, along with former two-time Jeopardy! champ Jean Cui and director of the Oklahoma tournament Maggie Larkin.  I also learned there will be about 20 sites on Saturday, including the Woodrow Wilson House, Goethe Institute, and Spy Museum, just to name a few. The Bowl finals will be held that evening at the Newseum.  On Sunday, the Bee preliminaries will be held at the School Without Walls, and the Bee finals will be held at Mount Vernon.
     Listen, there is still room to participate in Friday’s events.  You don’t want to miss this stuff: a talk and book signing with Bob Harris?  Not one but TWO panel discussions with former Jeopardy! champions, one of which will include watching that day’s episode of Jeopardy!?  Go to to sign up, and I wouldn’t wait if I were you.  Seating is limited.
     And don’t forget about the Thursday night pub quiz.  It’s being held at the Dumbarton House.  Get details and register for it here.
     As for me, I’m almost ready.  I still have a little bit of shopping to do, but I’m just about there.
     While I’m here, my Coryats from this past week:
4-5: Cindy Peterson 11200     Cory Biggs 10400     Christopher Short 14800     Me 13200
[For some still unknown reason, the episode that aired on 4-6 was the one that aired on 3-30. ???]
4-7: Helen Hostetter 7800     Mickey McLaurin 11800     Christopher Short 15200     Me 17000
4-8: Anselm Chen 3000     Kimberly Sheppard 12600     Christopher Short 26800     Me 18200