I’m back.  For Friday and Monday’s episode, I was either on my way to or back from Baltimore.  Yesterday, my family and I went to a crepe restaurant in Washington D.C. that had been hyped by the people I met at the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion.  It was across the street from the hotel where the attendees of the reunion gathered.  I got pictures of both:

     Today’s contestants were Polly Ruf, Chris Clayton, and Adam Marshall (from Maryland!).  Adam looks like a young George W. Bush to me.  Adam defeated Jay Rhee yesterday.  Jay won five games, so we are pretty sure to see him in the next Tournament of Champions.  (Did you guys hear Mr. Trebek say “next year”?!)  I wonder if Jay is studying.
     Today was my strongest in a while.  I swept “H”ealth and Medicine.  I was surprised when no one knew “hamstring.”  That was my response as soon as they showed the picture.  In the Jeopardy round, I also swept Out of Jail and the category where we were to translate categories from French.  Did you guys think that the whole Double Jeopardy round was going to be those categories, when they revealed Lakes and Rivers?  I didn’t get any right in that category, but the contestants struggled, too.
     Did you guys get the “Pep Boys” triple-stumper?  I don’t think we have those in Nebraska, but I had heard their names somewhere before.  Chris said “The Three Stooges”?!
     My Coryat today was 31600.  Now we’re getting somewhere!  Adam‘s was 22200, Chris’ was 8200, and Polly’s was 5800.  Below are the Coryats from Friday and yesterday.  :
6-24: Elaine Garrett 10000Y     Marc Tracy 8600Y     Jay Rhee 20600Y     Me 28600N
6-27: Dan Carroll (husband to champion Robin Carroll!) 7400Y
         Adam Marshall 22600Y
         Jay Rhee 10800Y
         Me 25000N
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