Bye, George (and Percy)

     Today’s contestants:

Ryan Fox

Linda Percy

Amy George

     Linda was a three-time champion coming into today.  She found the first Daily Double four clues in, in Trial Participants.  She had 1200, Amy had 0, and Ryan had -600.  She wagered just 600 (why?) on this clue: “In 1633, Urban VIII had this man tried; Father Firenzuola prosecuted.”  Linda seemed to know it right away.  I didn’t!  She wound up sweeping the category, but as a result of her lame wager she didn’t get as much money as she would have if that clue had not been a Daily Double!  I only got this clue right in that category: “Lawson Botts, who defended this fiery abolitionist at his 1859 trial, died fighting for the confederacy in 1862.”
     Anyone else surprised that Linda knew “Hollaback Girl” in Abbreviated No. 1 Hits?  I swept that category.
     At the first break, Linda had 6000, Amy had 800, and Ryan had -600.  At the end of the round, I had just missed one each in The Franks (missed “Merovingian”), Face Book (missed “T.S. Eliot”), and The “Social” Network (missed “socialist republics”).  Linda had 10800, Ryan had 1400, and Amy had 3800 once her “Social Compact” was ruled correct on this last clue of the round: “Implicit agreement in which the individual surrenders liberty in return for protection.”
     I hadn’t gotten any right in Colleges and Universities when Ryan found the Daily Double there four clues in.  He had 3000, Amy still had 3800, and Linda had 11200.  Ryan wisely wagered everything on this clue: “This New England institution is the only one of 8 Ivy League schools officially called a college.”  I didn’t get it, but Ryan did.
     Amy found the next Daily Double, in Laws.  By then she moved up to 11000, Ryan moved up to 12800, and Linda had 16800.  The clue was a video one, with Jimmy reading it:

     “There’s a law of conservation of mass but when I add water to the superabsorbent polymer used to make artificial snow, you can see there’s no law of conservation of this; mass divided by density.”  I got it right, and so did Amy.  She gave a little fist-pump.  (I’m giving a little fist-pump of my own that recording and posting this video actually worked.)  There were four clues left at this time.  Linda ended the round with 19600, Amy had 15000, and Ryan had 14800.  The Final Jeopardy category was Royalty.  This was the clue: “In the run following the Siege of Oxford, he surrendered May 5, 1646 near Newark on Trent.”  I’m sure some people knew this cold, and I know that I should have.  I had the name right but the roman numeral wrong.  Ryan got it right, and added 4000 to his total.  Amy got it wrong and lost all but two dollars.  Linda, too, got it wrong and wagered 10401, giving the Jeopardy! peops another chance to utilize the ZergCam:

     In case you can’t tell, Ryan wins today.

     We’ll see him tomorrow!  My Coryat today was 22600.  Ryan‘s was 13400, Linda’s was 19800, and Amy’s was 12200.  There were three clues today that I counted correct, but I’ll throw them out there and if you think I should count them wrong, leave a comment.  (I want an accurate Coryat!)  Also let me know if you want to see the entire clue.  I counted “Wobegon” for “Lake Wobegon,” “derring-do” for “daring,” and “ringmaster” for “ringleader.”
     Now, I don’t know what went wrong – My DVR looked like it was recording yesterday’s episode, but it did notGrrrrrooooowwwwwwlll!  I hate it because I was home and could’ve watched, but I was playing Just Dance 2 at the time, unaware that the episode wasn’t recording.  So it is lost to me forever. :,-(  I’ve missed very few episodes in my life.  Coryats for Monday: Maggie Diamond 9600    Edgar Mihelic 4200    Linda Percy 16600    Me 19400

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