Stand up and take notice

     Since this is Kids Week, I decided to keep things interesting for myself and try two things: Instead of keeping track of my Coryat, try my hand (foot?) at standing up while playing.  You may recall that someone had suggested that on the Jeopardy! message boards, to help an aspiring contestant build stamina.  The idea was to play several games in a row like that, but I’ll watch one at a time, every day, like I normally would. 
     Also, in the past I’ve tried to get every single Kids Week question right in any given round, and I have not done it yet.  I’m trying that, too.
     As for the standing, it did feel really awkward.  I just wanted to flop on the couch, also during the commercial breaks.  But I’m gonna keep doing it this week.
     Today’s contestants were Charlotte Scott, Aria Gerson, and Graham Doskoch.
     The first clue of the game was a triple-stumper about football.  I missed the very next clue, though: handball?  I also missed basketball, for no good reason, as well as “spoken to” and butte.  I totally said “plateau” and thought it was right.  By the way, did you guys think Mr. Trebek shouldn’t have distracted Aria while she was thinking about her Daily Double?  Four clues were left in the Jeopardy round, all in the Tweets category. 
     The first clue of the Double Jeopardy round was about John Paul Jones.  I just toured the Naval Academy last week, and I’m reading a book about Jones!  Whatcha Watchin’ and Go Figure messed me up in Double Jeopardy.  I got “Animal Planet,” but only after Charlotte said “Animal Channel.”  I also missed Bunker Hill, Benedict Arnold, and fish.
     So I think I missed four in the Jeopardy round and eight in the Double Jeopardy round.  I got the Final right, as did Graham.  The girls both guessed “Bigfoot.”  Graham didn’t wager anything, but he had a lock on the game.
     So we’ll try this experiment tomorrow!

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