The Summer Hiatus Challenge, explained

     Don’t despair, those of you who are missing fresh Jeopardy! episodes…The Summer Hiatus Challenge is upon us on the new Jeopardy! message boards!  There is still time to play the first day.  You have not missed anything.  For those of you unfamiliar with the game: Each year, when Jeopardy! is on its summer hiatus, the Jeopardy! message boards (specifically, this gentleman) hosts a game.  Each day, two categories of Jeopardy!-like clues are presented with point values for each clue.  (Think of it as Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds.)  You post your responses, using only your brain (no one else’s brain, no search engines, etc.).  There are other threads, too, for “smack talk” and other conversation about each day’s clues.  (That thread has spoilers, so do NOT go there until you’ve played all the available days.)  Other people will keep track of your score and compare you with the other players.  Trust me, it’s fun.  Last year, I kept track of former champs who were playing along, and that was fun, too.
     If you’re going to play and you have not appeared on Jeopardy! (I think that’s most of us), you need to sign up here as “ATB.”  If you played less than 6 days last year, identify yourself as a “rookie,” too. There are also divisions for kids/teens and college students. 
     If you have any questions, please leave a comment here, or catch me on Twitter.  Just sign up!
     The College Tournament reruns this week.  Look here for a blog entry from when I watched today’s episode the first time.  Apparently I didn’t keep track of my Coryats then, which is too bad because I was hoping to compare and see if I got any better since the last time.  Here are the Coryats from today and yesterday:
originally aired 11-8-10:
     Steve Greene 13000  Olivia Colangelo 7200  Sid Chandrasekhar 21800  Me 28600
originally aired 11-9-10: Hans von Walter 10000     Lea Tottle 11800     Erin McLean 14000     Me 25800

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