One for the ages

     My uncle was present today for Jeopardy!, a rare treat!  I also had the pleasure of telling him I’m gonna be on Jeopardy!  He kept saying “Wow,” and when I wasn’t around (my mom tells me) he said it was “one for the ages.”  I am so proud!

     I forgot to hit record when today’s episode started (add it to the list of Jeopardy! screw-ups at my parents’), so I had to get the contestants’ pics during their interviews.  That explains what you see here:

Jason Keller

Jack McClintock

Andrea Bornschlegel
     Jason was a 6-time champion coming into today’s episode.  At the first break today, he had a 4000 lead over Jack.  He found the Daily Double in the round, rather late into it.  The category was Fundraisers.  He had 8800, Andrea had 400 (which is what she had at the first break), and Jack had 3600.  Jason wagered 2200 on this clue: “Race for the Cure is a fundraiser for the breast cancer foundation named for this woman, Nancy G. Brinker’s sister.”  Jason and I knew it instantly.
     My uncle and I got this triple-stumper in Famous Tombs: “A statue from this groundbreaking singer and actor’s Los Angeles gravesite really jazzes up our category.”
     My uncle by the way, who knows not to respond here until Mr. Trebek has read the whole clue, apparently feels the need to state his response super-fast like he wants it heard before anyone says theirs!  My mom, who was laying on her back on the floor, took to raising her leg when she knew the response, which is so distracting!  In the past I’ve heard her whisper the response while Mr. Trebek is reading the clue, which doesn’t cut it.  For a while she wasn’t responding at all when she knew the correct response, which is what I think she will do again.  I don’t like that either. 
     There were 5 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the “less-than-a-minute” warning.  We didn’t get to one of ’em.  Is it just me, or was he a little patronizing at the end of the round to poor Andrea, who had 1400 to Jason’s 11600 and Jack’s 4400?  He remarked that she was “in a distant third” and said she can practice her “signaling thumb” during the break.  When it was her turn to select at the beginning of the round, she hesitated so long that I wondered what was happening.  (I was still writing the categories on my scorecard.)  My mom thought she was nervous.

     My pen exploded in several pieces when I rang in on the first clue of Double Jeopardy (add it to the list of Jeopardy! screw-ups at my parents’).  I don’t think this is all of it, and there’s still some in the chair:
     This was kind of a desperate situation, as we were watching the show live (no DVR), and we couldn’t pause!  The same pen broke during the game the other day, but it feels the best and it felt stable when I chose it today.  Never again.  Luckily there was a pen, and a clicky one!, right by my uncle.
     I thought I had this triple-stumper in Fun Raising, but Andrea’s response of “free fall” was later accepted: “Look, Ma! No plane and no parachute! A Vegas wind tunnel lets you experience indoor this, AKA bodyflight.”
     I was so proud of Jack when he wagered all of his 8000 on his Daily Double, in Books’ First Lines.  Jason had 16400 and Andrea had 4200.  This was Jack’s clue: “A bestseller: ‘Renowned curator Jacques Sauniere staggered through the…archway of the museum’s grand gallery.”  I guess I “knew” Jack was gonna get it right, as I’d already indicated it on my notes!  I got it right, too.
     Jason found the next Daily Double, in The Last.  I got a little scared, thinking he was gonna wager HUGE and get it right.  Jack had 16000 and Andrea had 5000.  He wagered just 2000 of his 19200 on this one: “Francis II was the leader of this empire when it was dissolved in 1806.”  Jason and my uncle got it.
     There were 8 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute
warning!  We didn’t get to three of ’em.  Jason had 22400, Andrea had 7400, and Jack had 18400 at the end of the round.  The Final Jeopardy category was Jolly Old England.  This was the clue: “Queen Anne liked the Marquess of Normanby, gave him permission to build a huge home in London and made him Duke of this.”  I got it by the time the music ended.  My silly uncle cracked, “Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl”?  It makes me laugh even now.  Andrea missed it, and lost 7000.  (I’d have wagered 600.)  Jack missed it and lost 14400.  (I’d have wagered 10400.)  Jason got it right, not like he needed it today.  Unless he’s trying to buy a house.  He added 14500 to his score today.  He’s a seven. Time. Champ.  Bravo.  This really was one for the ages!

     My Coryat today was 32800.  My Coryat Friday was 20400.  I also played a rerun tonight that originally aired 6-27-11.  My Coryat when it first aired was 25000.  Tonight it was 26800.