Country Time

     Lately, every time I sit down to watch a movie and don’t do something else at the same time (okay, a crossword puzzle!), I wish I’d do it more often. I find it hard to do sometimes. I keep thinking I should be doing something else when I watch a movie (at the same time or otherwise).
      I just got done with No Country for Old Men. I have to admit I did not finish the book. I felt like I couldn’t get into it and didn’t want to spend any more time on it when I had other books hanging around.
      For a book I thought I couldn’t get into, I was surprised how much I retained as I watched the movie, which, by the way, was better than the book. Maybe I should’ve watched it before reading it. I’d heard the movie was violent but violence in movies seldom bothers me, especially gun violence, which was the principal form here.
      I’d been curious who was going to play Llewellyn’s wife, but I didn’t know her when she appeared (Kelly Macdonald). (And speaking of Llewellyn, he was played by Josh Brolin, who was in the last movie I wrote about!) I looked Macdonald up on imdb. She of course has a Texas accent in the movie, but she was born in Scotland! I did notice at the very first thing she said that her accent wasn’t very good.  She has a long list of credits, but I think the only thing of hers I’ve seen is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. For that matter, I’m not sure I’ve seen Brolin in anything else, before True Grit!  I don’t see his name in the credits for There Will Be Blood. 😉
      What was that weird weapon Javier Bardem uses? The one that blows the locks out of doors and the thing he nailed that guy in the forehead with, early on. I think Tommy Lee Jones said there was no bullet in it, if that thing is what he was talking about when he met with Llewellyn’s wife. I did learn what a “transponder” is!
      I was surprised Llewellyn died. I really didn’t think he would. Can we assume that Bardem shot Llewellyn’s wife, too, when he asked her if she could see him? (I already took the book back to the library!)
      What a weird ending to the movie! I’m not sure of the point. Whatever came of Bardem, after he walked away from that car accident?
     The next thing I’m reading is Oil! by Upton Sinclair.  I have 200+ pages left but it’s looking like I’m gonna finish it.  It’s much better than the McCarthy book.  The library doesn’t have There Will Be Blood. Lucky for me, it’s gonna be on AMC this Friday. Vamos!

     I’ve been thinking that, while I think this project is productive, I might not keep blogging about it. (But as always I’d like to know how you feel, in a comment.)  There are blogs devoted to this kind of thing, and it doesn’t relate as well to Jeopardy! now that I’m already going to be on (March 28th!) Plus, there are plenty of quadruple-stumpers to cover the nights I can’t blog about that day’s episode.The next thing I will read, if that makes a difference to you, is Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team by George Jonas.  This depends on whether I can find a copy of it, because my library’s being remodeled and the book is in a “storage area.”  The 2005 movie Munich was based on this book.  I went to Munich last summer and was lucky to stroll through the grounds of those 1972 Olympics.  My little sister and dad took these pics:


     Now on the big bummer front: I have to miss the Oscars this year, which neeeevvvver happens.  (And Billy Crystal is back!)  It’s my weekend to work, and I don’t want my co-workers to run when they see me coming because I ask them to trade with me so often.
     Some recent Coryats:
originally 9-16-05: 15200
     (When I practiced this episode before I was gonna be on the show, my score was 11200.)
originally 12-20-05: 13000
originally 12-21-05: 14200
     I don’t expect to watch the next two GSN episodes, as I don’t want to watch David Madden lose and I don’t want to see the woman who beat him play the next day!

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