From Sage to Screen

     Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch!  Preston Nicholson can probably tell us if there’s any sage in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, I can’t blog at length tonight on his game.  He played one-time champ Brandon Libby today, and lost at the Final.  I refer you, as I have before, to Preston’s blog for an account of his experience, from the online test through, as of this writing, his time at the studio.  Don’t forget to read the comments there and, if you have one, leave a comment of your own.  My Coryat today was 20800.
     My Coryat for this GSN rerun was a shocking 9400.  (For one thing, I had two expensive, $2000 negs in Double Jeopardy.)  But for what it’s worth I got the Final because I saw the painting in question in Madrid last summer.  Also, the highest Coryat of this episode’s three contestants was 10200.