Stud McMuffin

     I know it’s Saturday. But Cathy Guiles has written a new post about her final game, which aired yesterday. What’s more, I have something to say about Dennis Wright, who defeated Cathy. I described Dennis as “one cool dude.” One reason why: He showed up both days in a car. No Sony shuttle for him! He was quite the sight, mysteriously pulling up to the crowd of contestants…getting out the passenger side of a car with his sunglasses on…carrying his garment bag. He kinda looked like a rock star or some other VIP. No doubt it intimidated the Day 2 people, especially when they found out he was the returning champion. It was our turn to be the “veterans” – me, Dennis, and a nice guy named Mithun. We got to listen to contestant coordinator Maggie’s spiel one more time – the one referenced by Vince Gatton in his guest blog post.
     Another reason why Dennis is cool: He left on Day 1 with the tray full of donuts, for his family. He was quite a sight then, too!
     Cathy’s blog post can’t wait for Monday because Andy Saunders is guest-blogging that day…about wagering strategy. Andy’s an aspiring Jeopardy! contestant himself. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see this entry!