Drew to his word

     Day 2 of the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion (AKA Day 1 of the National History Bee and Bowl!). I think I’ve successfully recorded the champions panel on both my cellphone and my trusty netbook here. The video on my cellphone is too large to e-mail, so I’m gonna post the netbook video and hope for the best. The panel was scheduled to be a half-hour long, but the powers that be wisely made it into an hour (after having said it would be extended to 45 minutes). It speaks for itself. Any other words I bring you would be too much in one post. But I don’t want all this to be lost, either! It probably doesn’t matter now anyway – I had planned to publish the discussion this morning but it takes longer to upload an hour-long video than I expected, and I’m out of time. 🙁 I’ll get it to you soon.

     I know I’d hoped to never mention the red polo again, but this time I’m okay with it – Today was the first time I’d seen David Madden in anything else, and he looked sharp. He had on a suit and tie!
     The day was actually mostly blank until 5 p.m. I did have to attend moderator training this afternoon, which was as informal as it was last year. I’m not reading anyway, but keeping score for J! champs. I expect to be with Jerome Vered and Bob Harris.
     Speaking of those two, I can’t believe I still haven’t seen Bob this year. I’ve heard he’s coming tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jerome, because the History Bowl site indicated he might not arrive in time. And it was so great to hear a fresh voice/”expert” talk about Jeopardy! I hadn’t known his thoughts about it before.  Jay Rhee impressed me with his insight, too. We don’t hear from him much, either!
     Jerome also cleared the buzzers for the head-to-head match between Roger Craig and Raynell Cooper. The idea was to give Raynell a crack at Roger, since Teen Tournament winners cannot participate in the Tournament of Champions. Raynell is brave, and he held his own. Roger did win, though.
     I also have not seen Bill MacDonald yet this year! I thought I might see him at both the pub quiz and the champion discussion.
     I did have the pleasure of meeting superchamp and likely ToCer Dave Leach. He is just as buoyant and cheery as he was on Jeopardy! I congratulated him and told him how impressed I was, and he modestly said that no one was as surprised as he was.
    Remember how Drew Scheeler trash-talked to Roger yesterday about competing against him in the Jeopardy! bee? Well he did it again today! I was like, “Again, Drew!” and he said this is what he does to pump himself up ahead of any contest. I still think he’s nuts, but whatever works, Drew! As it turns out, that bee was cut short. But I’d rather have that cut short than lose any of the panel. There’s really not even much to report about it.
     After Roger gave his excellent, spot-on keynote speech (which I’d recorded if I’d known ahead of time!), there was much more fun to be had than I expected: the sports and entertainment bees, in which anyone can participate. I chose to watch Preston Nicholson (“best dressed” according to one of the readers), bee staffer Maggie Larkin, and Drew compete in the entertainment bee. John Krizel and Jay Rhee were to compete in the sports bee, which was happening at the same time. There seemed to be a delay in announcing who was going where in the sports bee, and I was afraid if I waited I wouldn’t get to see anything. I guess I did the right thing: I know not to try my hand at the entertainment bee next year. I consider entertainment a wheelhouse, but these clues were tough. Like, obscure. Also, I couldn’t have written this better myself: All three made the finals. John, by the way, made the sports finals, but he opted to leave before finding out!          
     Well, that Drew, for all his perceived bluster and despite having actually written many of the clues and thus they had to be tossed, won the open (adult) division.
     I hate to make this so short, but unlike the song, the days are long and the nights are short.  But for this, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to tomorrow!
     Here is a picture of the group, as well as the picture of John, Brian, and Jay from the night of the pub quiz. (Drew’s camera is better than my cellphone camera.) 🙂
Left to right: Dave Leach, Jay Rhee, me, Drew Scheeler, Roger Craig, Jerome Vered, Cathy Guiles, John Krizel, Steve Kaltenbaugh, Justin Sausville, and Preston Nicholson