My Yearly Humbling Begins

Andy here!

So, the Summer Hiatus Challenge has begun over at J! Board; once again, go to to sign up and play! Jeanie and I will be tracking various former champions and other notables through the event here at the blog! And if you’re on Twitter and playing, the official hashtag is #SHC2012. There’s still time to play Week 1, Day 1!

I’ve decided to play this year after taking a few years off; I figure that it’ll help me finish it out, even if I don’t do as well as the champions!

So, if you traditionally skip Kids Week because you don’t like the quality of play, you missed quite a good game! I for one was impressed by the wagering in Final – I know adults that haven’t played the game this well!

FJ! category: Notable Americans
FJ! clue: In addition to his 1,093 U.S. Patents, he held more than 1,200 patents awarded by other countries.

Mandy Berry: $1,950-$500=$1,450
Anna Cambron: $20,400+$16,001=$36,401
Matthew Cline: $21,290+$19,511=$40,801

We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun SHC and Kids Week coverage!

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