39 Minutes Of Boredom…1 Minute Of Thought Provoking Stuff!

Andy here with a quick double-dose of recaps!

This week’s contestants:

Lloyd Baum, Long Beach, NY
Lorraine Donahue, Shadyside, OH
Yellowlees Douglas, Gainesville, FL
Sara Garnett, Okemos, MI
Jon Gucinski, Naperville, IL
Jennifer Head, Dubuque, IA
Drew Horwood, Minneapolis, MN
Ilene Morgan, Rolla, MO
Mike Munley, Kearny, NJ
Erin Schmidt, Mishawaka, IN
Dylan Wint, Las Vegas, NV

Erin Schmidt and Dylan Wint (pronounced Dye-lan) are the challengers. Sara Garnett is going for win #4 in Monday’s show!

Sara’s studying zoology, specifically tadpoles, and how they act in their kinships!

One thing I noticed straight away: Dylan was incredibly risk-averse when it came to Daily Double betting. So much, in fact, that I have a great deal of difficulty cheering for him at all! He bet $400 on the first one he saw!

At the end of 30, the scores were:

Sara $7,600
Dylan $5,400
Erin $800

Dylan got to play two more Daily Doubles in this round – only betting $400 and $1,000 here. DUDE! YOU ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE! Especially considering you obviously know more than your betting is leading on.

After Double Jeopardy!, we had:

Sara $13,200
Dylan $11,200
Erin $8,800


FJ! clue: One of its mascots is a restored 1930 sport coupe that’s been in use at the school since 1961

Erin 8800 – 5000 = 3800
Dylan 11200 – 4001 = 7199
Sara 13200 – 9201 = 3999

That was an incredibly disappointing result. A contestant I enjoyed watching, losing to a contestant whose ultra-conservative gameplay tendencies I can’t stand. I also can’t make heads or tails of his Final Jeopardy! wager. You’d think someone from Vegas would have some sort of idea on how to bet!

And now on to Tuesday. Ilene Morgan and Drew Horwood are up against Dylan in his title defense.

There was a school on CBC’s Smart Ask a decade ago, Merivale High School, who made a concerted effort to bet as small as possible on the one question where betting was involved. It led to rather boring television.

Irene’s bridge partner is her ex-husband; they play occasionally in tournaments! Irene got some nice laughs with her comment that “it’s nice seeing him about a week a year!” I must admit, that comment brought a smile to my face as well!

Fortunately, Dylan didn’t get the first Double Double, so we didn’t get to see him run the fullback into the offensive line for a couple of yards. Drew did, and at least had the courtesy to bet the clue value on it! (STEPHEN KING $1000: Arnie Cunningham owns the jealous & deadly Christine, a Plymouth of this appropriate model). He didn’t get the clue right, but at least credit to him for not being fearful!

At the end of 30, the scores were:

Irene $5,200
Dylan $4,600
Drew $4,000

In the second round, Dylan bet just $500 and Irene $1000 on their Daily Doubles. I’m having significant difficulty making it through these games without falling asleep. Take some chances! Please! I can’t believe I have just seen six consecutive Daily Doubles in which the maximum wager was $1,000.

At the end of Double Jeopardy, the scores were:

Dylan $16,200
Irene $11,800
Drew $8,500


FJ! clue: In this novel the title character says “it is a bad omen” after a guard does not hear a train & is crushed.

Drew 8500 + 8498 = 16998
Irene 11800 + 3000 = 14800
Dylan 16200 – 7400 = 8800

My mother was livid the other day because my father and brother commented offhand on the ending of this book! My parents haven’t seen this episode yet, but I’ve instructed Dad to give Mom a chance to answer it.

Wow, after being lulled to sleep by two episodes, there’s finally some thought-provoking stuff here in the Final Jeopardy! wagering. Might not be what I would have done, but I definitely like that all three players put some excellent thought into what to bet here!

Dylan offered a tie to Irene — an action I don’t think I would have taken here! Irene, ostensibly, is stuck in Stratton’s Dilemma here. However, because Drew’s current score is less than Dylan’s score on an incorrect answer (and the normal shutout bet), Drew has every incentive to go all-in (the holding-back-the-$2 bit I’m a fan of here, as it may be worth an extra $1,000). Thus, Irene needs to defend against that bet from Drew, and should have chosen the other response to Stratton’s Dilemma (i.e. locking out Drew). Furthermore, because her score on an incorrect response falls below Dylan’s, it now incentivizes Irene going all in, thus making Dylan’s offering of the tie ill-advised, in my opinion.

That said, Drew is the champ for tomorrow’s episode, and I’ll be blogging it. See you then!

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