Et tu, Rob?

      Unfortunately I forgot to play last weekend’s rerun til today (I was out of town), and it’s already been deleted from my DVR. Somehow, episodes I didn’t need were being saved like from the Teen Tournament and the ToC. 🙁 I’m told this was the episode. At this point I’m just happy to have today’s episode, as last night my DVR quit at a critical time. And just when I sit down to blog tonight? It happens again. I unplugged my DVR overnight and that fixed it. I tried that just now (the cable lady told me last night, 4 minutes)…and it worked. PHEW!
     Before I get to today’s episode, I woke up to this tweet today. I thought there’d been some kind of announcement about Matt Lauer replacing Mr. Trebek, but there wasn’t. (Luckily. He’s so glib, after all.) I’ve seen similar conversations today on both the Sony boards and jboard, so why not start it here, too?
     So can Drew make it an almost-unthinkable 9 wins today? Here he is with his opponents:

Rob Groves of Los Angeles CA
Drew Horwood of Minneapolis MN
Kathleen Meyer of Brookfield WI

     At the top of the show, Mr. Trebek warned that today was the ides of March, and he wondered whether that would be a factor for this “young Caesar.” Yesterday in a comment here, Drew said he was exhausted. This appeared to be more of a factor, already early in the episode. Drew found the first Daily Double, only the second clue of the round. He had 200, then. The category was High Fantasy. (I found it interesting that Drew went there first.) When Mr. Trebek pointed out that Drew could hardly have found the Daily Double any sooner and he could wager up to 1000, Drew said he’d make it a true Daily Double. Mr. Trebek sounded perplexed, but Drew meant he’d wager 1000. This was the clue: “Ned is told, ‘When you play’ this, the title of the book, ‘You win or you die.'” I said “The Hunger Games” and felt good about it. But that was wrong. Drew got it right, and he looked like he felt good about it too.
     At the first break, Drew’d gotten 4 right and one wrong since his Daily Double. He had 3000. Kathleen had gotten 2 right, and had 1000. Rob had gotten 6 right and had 3200. At the end of the round, Drew had gotten 4 right and one wrong since the break and had 5800. Kathleen had gotten 4 right and had 4000, and Rob had gotten 6 right and had 6600.
     Rob found the first Daily Double of the next round, in Second Rock from the Sun. He’d gotten 2 right and had 9400. Drew had gotten 5 right and one wrong, and had 9400 also. Kathleen had gotten 2 right and had 6000. Rob wagered 3000 on this clue: “The size of South America, a highland surface area on Venus is named for this Greek goddess.” Rob and I got it right. (He is a Classics professor!)
     Can I accept “Catholicism” for this one in Post Masters?: “In the late 300s Prudentius went postclassical with poems combining this religion with traditional Latin forms.”
     Drew found the next Daily Double, in Double N-Demnity. He’d gotten 2 wrong, and unfortunately for him Rob widened the gap by picking both of those up. Drew also got 4 right though, and he had 10600. Kathleen had gotten 4 right and one wrong, and had 9200. Rob had gotten 5 right and had 18000. Drew wagered it all on this clue: “To separate grain from chaff using wind.” I didn’t know the answer but Drew apparently forgot the category. I wonder if he’d have gotten it right if he’d remembered. Then he forgot to select again, even after Mr. Trebek said, “Select.” There was one category left. Drew got 2 right (phew!), Kathleen got one, and two were triple-stumpers. At the end of the round, Drew had 2400, Kathleen had 11200, and Rob had 18000.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Shakespeare. This was the clue: “Samuel Johnson said Shakespeare ‘so carefully informs us’ that this play is set on the eve of May Day & yet called it this.”
     I used to like to talk wagering but I don’t anymore – correction is inevitable, even when I say what I would’ve done in the contestants’ shoes! But sometimes I do it anyway – I would not have wagered like Kathleen did. If Drew doubled and she was wrong, she’d be in third place (unless Rob did something weird). Drew was right today but he didn’t wager anything. Kathleen was wrong and lost 6801, which would have put her in first place as long as Rob was wrong or wagered nothing. If she’d wagered expecting Rob to make the traditional leader’s bet, she’d still have more than Rob would if he got the Final wrong. She’d need to be right, but she would with the bet she made too (to beat Rob anyway). I really hope I have this right, but I’m ready for comments. Rob was right though and wagered 4500. I’m not a fan of that wager either, more than he needed to. But so ends Drew’s impressive run.
     Mr. Trebek said before revealing Drew’s correct response that he “had a great run,” and he thinks only 4 other contestants who’ve won more episodes. I bet this episode was taped on a Wednesday since we had at least a couple of locals play this week. If only Drew could have pulled off one more win he’d have had a week to rest.
     So the ToC list remains unchanged. I hope we’ll see some of Drew’s episodes in reruns. My Coryat today was 21000 (25000 without negs). That’s assuming I was wrong on the “Christianity” clue.

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