“Main Street” Blues

     Today’s contestants!

Rachel Liptak
Pat Clevenger

Christine Muldoon

     Rachel‘s going for her third win today. She’s been impressive so far.
     I swept Scrambled Fish before the first break, and later Hello, Larry. All three contestants were already active: Rachel had answered 5 right and had 3600. Christine had answered 4 and had 1800, and Pat had answered 6 and was tied with Christine.
     I’m thinking after today’s interviews they should just do away with them. What do you think?
     Mr. Trebek was pleased that the Daily Double was found so late in the round. Rachel found it. She’d answered 7 right since the break and had 6800. Christine had answered one right and had 2200. Pat had answered 3 and had 5600. Rachel wagered only 1000 on this clue in Pulitzer-winning Biographies: “Joseph Lash won in 1972 for his touching portrait of this wartime president & first lady.” I guessed wrong, but Rachel got it!
     Christine got both of the last 2 clues in the round, bringing her to 4000. Rachel had 7800 then, and Pat still had 5600.
     In Double Jeopardy, the first Daily Double was found only two clues into the round, in German Words on Loan to English. (I was pretty excited about the category.) Pat found it. He’d answered one of the first 2 clues right, and Rachel answered the other. So he had 6400, Christine still had 4000, and Rachel had 8200. Pat wagered 2500 on this clue: “It’s a ghost or spirit that makes its presence known with noises.” (I’d have wagered it all.) Pat and I got it right immediately. I would’ve swept the category if I’d rung in on this one: “It’s the spirit of a time; the one of the 1960s was rebellious.” Christine and I both should’ve rung in on this triple-stumper in American Novelists: “In 1906 & 1907 this ‘Main Street’ author worked as a janitor at Upton Sinclair’s Socialist commune Helicon Hall.” If you could stand one more, I should’ve rung in on this one in the same category: “This ex-minister’s first novel for boys, ‘Ragged Dick,’ told the story of a poor shoeshine boy who rises to wealth.”
     Okay, one more, in An Unfinished Category: “He died before he finished composing the requiem commissioned by Count von Walsegg-Stuppach.” This was the first neg by a contestant (Rachel). She went on a big tear though. She’d answered 12 right and 2 wrong when she found the Daily Double in Musical Theatre. She had 19800. There were 7 clues left after this one. Christine had answered 3 and had 7200. Pat answered 2 right and 2 wrong and had 8500. Rachel wagered 2000 on this clue: “‘Cotton Blossom,’ the opening song of this musical, is also the name of the title vessel.” Neither Rachel nor I got it right.
     Christine got 4 clues right before the end of the round, and had 13200 going into the Final. Rachel had answered 2 right and one wrong, and had 18600. Pat had answered one right and had 10100. “This is quite a game again!” Mr. Trebek said.
     The Final Jeopardy category was The 1990s. I would’ve named the category something else based on this clue: “The 7th & last American to stay there was aerodynamic scientist Andy Thomas, with 130 days there in 1998.” The correct response crossed my mind first but I went with what Rachel and Christine did. And they were wrong. Rachel lost 8000 and Christine lost everything. Pat added 6000, enough to make him the new champion! Mr. Trebek said to Rachel, “But you did all right this week and last.” That wouldn’t console me!
     I thought I’d be updating the ToC list today, but I guess I won’t. My Coryat was 31000, and I had one 400 neg.