Take that, Mr. Trebek

     Between Double and Final Jeopardy today, Mr. Trebek asked in a commercial for past Tournament of Champions contestants to go to the Jeopardy! site and update their contact information. Here’s a link. Mr. Trebek says “Jeopardy! may have plans for you.”
     The Sunday rerun was interrupted by a weather warning, but I did the best I could. My Coryat, keeping in mind I missed the first 13 clues, was 13000 (16800 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 18200. The episode originally aired 11-29-11.
     We’re back to regular episodes now, after 2 weeks of College Tournament. Mr. Trebek commented at the beginning of the episode about how bright he thought those contestants were. Something tells me he said that before the tournament was filmed! That suspicion was reaffirmed after seeing today’s Final Jeopardy clue…
     This week’s contestants:
Rachel Eastwood of Denver, CO
Julia Lent of Shippensburg, PA
Mike Lewis of Bloomington, MN
Chris Long of Thousand Oaks, CA
Nate Mull of East Brunswick, NJ
Catherine Radford of Charlestown, MA
Scott Singer of Boca Raton, FL
Cecily Squier of Austin, TX

     John Anneken is the returning champ, going for his fourth win today. Here he is with his opponents:

Paul Curcio of Philadelphia, PA
Robyn Nelson of Staten Island, NY

     John found the first Daily Double after responding to 2 clues correctly. (A third was a triple-stumper.) He had 800, and his opponents still had 0. John wagered 1000 on this clue in Religious Leaders: “In the 1880s she taught her healing methods to students at her Massachusetts Metaphysical College.” He and I got it right. He got 4 more before the first break and had 3000 going into it. Robyn got one right and Paul got 5 right. They had 800 and 3200, respectively.
     Anyone else watch the Celebrity Apprentice final last night? You’d have seen the subject of this clue, in 15 Minutes of Fame: “Maybe 16 minutes — Omarosa, fired on season 1 of this reality show, was engaged to late actor Michael Clarke Duncan.”
     I got this triple-stumper in Southernmost Points: “Germany’s is in this state bordering Austria.”
     So at the end of the round, John had gotten 8 right after the first break and had 8000. Robyn had gotten 2 right and had 2400, and Paul had gotten 4 right and had 5600.
     I negged myself for saying “energy” on this clue in Chemistry, but I’m willing to accept it if it should be: “A calorimeter measures the amount of this released or absorbed in a chemical reaction.” I’ve asked my dad, a chemistry teacher, if it’s acceptable! (ETA: He says heat is a form of energy. I’m accepting it.)
     The next clue was the Daily Double, in the same category. Paul had gotten 4 clues right and had 8400 now. Robyn and John still had 2400 and 8000 respectively. Paul wagered 2400 on this clue: “On TV, these 2 symbols play a part on Breaking Bad, but in chemistry they represent these 2 elements — one a toxic liquid, the other a metal.”

     Paul and I got it right.
     And I got this triple-stumper in Classical Music: “Dvorak’s 9th symphony, written in America, is called ‘Z Noveho Sveta’ in Czech & ‘From’ here in English.”
     I doubt I’d have rung in on this clue in 60s Books & Authors had it not been for the “Rabbit at Rest” clue in the rerun I linked to above: “In 1960 John Updike published this first novel about Harry Angstrom.” And it was a triple-stumper!
     The next clue was the other Daily Double, in Classical Music. Robyn had moved away from the category a while before, and John went back to it. There were only 2 clues left, both worth 2000, and John had 12400 to Paul’s 24000. John had gotten 5 right and 2 wrong since Paul’s Daily Double. Paul had gotten 10 right. Robyn had gotten 3 right and one wrong, and had 4000. John wagered 2000 on this clue: “This haunting Mussorgsky work was inspired by a Nikolai Gogol story about witches gathering to hold a sabbath.” I didn’t know this but John did, lucky for him.
     One of the last 2 clues was a triple-stumper, and the other was gotten by Robyn. So at the end of Double Jeopardy, John had 14400, Paul had 24000, and Robyn had 6000.
     The Final Jeopardy category was 20th Century People. This was the clue: “In a P.S. to an April 12, 1945 letter, he wrote ‘This was dictated before the world fell in on me…What a blow it was. But — I must meet it.” When Robyn’s response of “Hitler” was revealed, Mr. Trebek said “No. Not even close.” Ouch. (She lost 2021.) I was pleased that John said the same thing. Mr. Trebek was strangely silent this time. (John lost 14398.) Then when Paul said “Hitler” too? I was like, Yessss. Mr. Trebek said “I guess the date threw you off.” I said “Roosevelt,” incidentally. Paul lost 4897, so he becomes the new champion. And the ToC list doesn’t change today.
     My Coryat today was 26400. (“Energy” would’ve been my only neg.)

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