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     Andy and I expected him to be blogging today’s episode, but I’m up and able. It’s too early to ask him if he minds, but I tend to doubt it. Love ya, Andy! 😉
     To be honest, I read about today’s episode on the message boards last night because I didn’t want to wait til Monday, as I thought I’d have to, to watch this. While I think I only read about the final, I’m not keeping track of my Coryat today. When I saw the first category revealed, Space Shuttle Flyovers, I thought maybe I’m doing the right thing! The contestants wound up going to it last, too. I do like the next category revealed, though: 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day. I swept it. Let’s just pretend I have lots of personal experience.
     I’m also doing this in the dark, from bed, so I don’t feel like keeping track of wrongs/rights between Daily Doubles, etc.
     Today’s contestants are Andrew Mugica, Sarah Zucker and Neal Pollack. Neal won his third episode last we blogged. I already know, of course, whether I’ll be updating the ToC list today…but do you?
     At the first break, Neal had 5400, Sarah had 1200, and Andrew had 2200. Neal found the Daily Double of the round in The Good. Mr. Trebek told him he’s off to a great start. He had 6000, while Sarah still had 12– and Andrew still had 2200. Neal wagered 3000 on this clue: “In 1958 this org. got a new mission; the disease it originally targeted had been tamed 3 years before.” Neal got it wrong. Still, at the end of the round, he had 6200, Sarah had 3000 and Andrew had 3600.
     Mr. Trebek said at the beginning of the next round that he’d like to start the weekend with a big win. Does he get his wish?
     File this one under shocking triple-stumpers, in Iconic Pentameter (the contestant provides the Shakespeare play): “‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.” Sarah found the Daily Double there shortly. She had 4200, Neal had 5800, and Andrew had 4400. Sarah wagered 1500 on this clue: “‘Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand.'” Sarah got it right.
     I’d have shared this video clue even if it hadn’t been a triple-stumper, in Hillbilly Music: “‘Guitars, cadillacs and hillbilly music’ is the refrain from the title song of his 1986 album that topped Billboard’s country charts.” YOU GUYS. COME ON NOW. If you don’t know this man you should. I’m notifying both my sisters and my uncle, who’ll all be as shocked as I.
     Surprise – Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 4 clues left. Andrew had already seemed to be looking for the other Daily Double, and it took a long time to find it. In fact it was the last clue, and Sarah got it. The scores were close: 12600 for Neal, 12500 for her and 9200 for Andrew. But Sarah wasted no time at all wagering 1000 on this clue in The Bear Essentials: “3500 of this species of brown bear live on the Alaska archipelago of the same name.” Sarah gave this response a while before, and this time it was right.
     The Final Jeopardy category was European Capitals. This is the clue: “Since a national split in 1993, it’s the only world capital that borders 2 other countries — Austria & Hungary.” All 3 contestants got it wrong, and so did I. I love how Mr. Trebek had to stop and look at his index card when he revealed the correct response. Andrew lost everything. Neal lost 12599. (I said what he did.) Sarah lost 11701, but that leaves her with enough to be the new champ. Neal admitted on the boards that he made a bad wager, but his excuse is that he was tired!!
     Reminder: Look for my interview with Stephanie Femrite Stevens tomorrow.

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