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     Look you guys – I was interviewed for this article. Vamos!
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     Yesterday, Clay Walls became a new champion. Remember I want to see him get a Daily Double today. Will he?

Clay Walls
Emily Waltenbaugh
Amy Nienaber

     This game was a real pleasure to cover, but I negged on this very first clue, in Nursery Rhymes: “It’s the nursery rhyme that says, ‘The cow jumped over the moon’; in the military it precedes ‘straight up the middle.'” Those were tough clues in that category! It was apt that Clay got this one right though, as it was the same response he gave yesterday in the final: “Little Jack Horner put his thumb in a Christmas pie & pulled out this fruit.” I got this one too. And I swept Feuds.
     I said what Clay did on this one in Morgan Town: “In 1674 King Charles II knighted this Welsh buccaneer.” It was a triple-stumper.
     Amy and Emily sound so much alike I had to be on my toes when tabulating people’s negs and right responses.
Clay 2200 (4 right and one wrong)
Amy 2400 (4 right)
Emily 3400 (6 right)
     Okay, I didn’t catch Emily’s story the first time through, but. Who proposes during Jeopardy!?? It reminds me of this post where we talked about how I’d want to be proposed to.
     Emily found the Daily Double in The 1-Syllable Word.
Clay 1600 (One right)
Amy 2600 (One right)
Emily 4000 (One right)
     She wagered 2000 on this clue: “Scottish term for a long, narrow indentation of the seacoast.” Neither she nor I got it.
     Shocking triple-stumper of the day (okay, there’s another one ahead), in Units of Measure: “This unit of volume that equals 35.24 liters is often found before ‘basket.'” A collective brain-fart? Already, here’s the other shocking triple-stumper in College Football Coaches: “This coach with a papal first name left Florida in 2010 & now coaches the Ohio State Buckeyes.” The next two clues were triple-stumpers too, but I didn’t know them either. No wonder the contestants went to this category last. I expected to see Bo Pelini in the category, but I was much happier to see this: “Tom Osborne won 255 games at this univ. & 3 elections to Congress from the state (you win 255 games & you’ll get elected, too.” I tweeted my congressman because it was he who replaced Osborne when the latter ran unsuccessfully for governor.

     You simply must read this; it’s the feel-good story of that year. Heineman went on to win the whole thing, and now he can’t run again due to term limits. The primary is heating up here. I got two mudslinging e-mails today alone. You may have seen a candidate’s ad here on the blog! I don’t choose those, I might point out.
     By the way, do you remember the fiasco regarding Bo/Beau and my Hometown Howdy? That’s worth a look too. And before we move on, a friend tells me knowing Bo Pelini is hard enough for the ToC. I say no way. What say you?
     So the Osborne clue was the last one of the round!
Clay 3200 (2 right)
Amy 3800 (One right)
Emily 1800 (3 right and one wrong)
     I’m not sure when it happened but it was before the end of the round that I had to close out my Jeopardy scorekeeping app for what turned out to be this tweet:

     Mr. Trebek said we would have a lot of fun in Double Jeopardy, and he was right!
     I don’t blame Amy for saying every word of her first clue in Shakespeare Rewrites the Beatles. Emily said “She loves you yeah yeah yeah” for her response, and Mr. Trebek didn’t correct her like he did Amy! In fact I did the same thing Amy did. Emily found a Daily Double there. Maybe Mr. Trebek knew it was coming and that’s why he clarified for Amy what was needed.
Clay 3200
Amy 4600 (One right)
Emily 3400 (2 right)
     I’d have wagered it all here, but Emily wagered . This was the clue: “I believe I shall be melancholy, I believe it shall be anon…The woman who disturbeth my temper is leaving hence.” Emily looked scared but she got it right.
     Clay didn’t find a Daily Double today – Amy found the other one, and she clapped for herself. (Ick.)
Clay 3200
Amy 7400 (4 right)
Emily 7400 (One right)
     Amy wagered 3000 on this easy clue in European Countries. I believe she’d gone 3/4 to this point. “While this Balkan country’s national name means ‘Land of Eagles,’ the name we know it by is from the Latin for ‘white.'” She got it.
     Didn’t Clay look
like he was gonna neg again on this one in Go “Lucky”?: “‘She’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to’ do this in a summer 2013 hit.” Luckily (pardon the pun), he got it. But the poor guy got laughed at again (like yesterday), but this time by Mr. Trebek, on his incorrect response to this one in the same category: “Even after his deportation to Italy in 1946, he remained an influential American mob boss.” This was the last clue of the round, and one remained covered.
Clay 800 (3 right and 5 wrong)
Amy 17200 (8 right!)
Emily 10200 (3 right and 2 wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Adapted from Antiquity. What is a contestant to expect with a category named that? Here’s the clue: “It begins with a vow to an ancient god & ends with ‘if I transgress it & swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.'” Clay got this right but wagered 0. Emily was wrong and lost 7050. Amy got this right and added 3800. We’ll see Amy tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 22400 (23600 without negs).
     Now then…from football to tennis! (Spoilers possible there.)

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