Oh, the place I’m going

     So I’m really curious whether Molly LaLonde will push Rani Peffer below the cut on the ToC list. Let’s all find out.
     I don’t know why Molly waited til her fifth episode to pull out what must be the best shirt. Too bad the microphone sort of damages the look.
     I got this triple-stumper in A Potpourri of History: “Vlad III (that’s the Impaler) built the fortress of this Romanian city to try to hold back the Turks.”
     At the first break:
Molly 2000 (3 right)
Darren O’Connor 1600 (3 right)
Sari Laufer 3200 (6 right)
     I got this triple-stumper in A “Ton” of Cities: “We hope you’re on the right track to identify this city. Take a look.”

     The graphic at the bottom of the screen is covering the word “Kentucky.”
     The next clue was the Daily Double, and it was Sari’s.
Molly 2000
Darren 1800 (One right)
Sari 3600 (One right)
     The clue is, still in the same category: “This North Carolina city got its present name in 1913, & not for 2 brands of cigarettes.” Sari wagered 1200, and she was right!
     I got this triple-stumper on a wild guess, in Scandinavian First Names: “‘Pippi Longstocking’ author Lindgren.”
     At the end of the round:
Molly 4800 (4 right)
Darren 4800 (4 right)
Sari 5800 (One right)
     Molly found the first Daily Double pretty quickly in The Hulk, Shakespeare Scholar.
Molly 6400 (2 right)
Darren 4800
Sari 6600 (One right)
     Molly wagered 4000 on this clue: “Hulk relate to trust issues of this title guy, but calling his wife ‘a strumpet’ over line for Hulk! Wife is angel figure!” Molly was right! She soon found the next Daily Double too, in Famous Voices.
Molly 11200 (One right)
Darren 6000 (One right)
Sari 7800 (2 right)
     She wagered 2000 on this clue: “In his 1988 autobiography, he dispelled the allergy rumor but said that he wasn’t really fond of carrots.” She and I were right.
     Before I looked at the scores at the end of the round, I was thinking “Check Darren out”…but check ’em all out!
Molly 14000 (2 right)
Darren 22400 (10 right!)
Sari 15400 (7 right)
     And I don’t think there were any negs today!
     This will be an interesting final. The category is Capital City Wordplay. This is the clue: “Ending in the same 2 letters, these 2 are capitals of a nation that covers a continent & of a nation reaching onto 2 continents.” I didn’t try and fast-forwarded the think time. Is it just me though or was this entirely gettable? Almost instantly in fact. No contestant had a complete response or even one city correct. Molly was wrong and she didn’t lose anything! Sari was wrong too and lost 7001. 🙁 I liked her. Darren was wrong too and lost 8000. Oh, but he wins! Sorry, Molly.
     I didn’t track my Coryat today – I’m in a hurry because I’m leaving for Maine first thing in the morning. Have you been there? I’ve wanted to go there my whole life, and thought it would be a good someday-honeymoon destination. Now that I’m going, though, I’ll consider Seattle!

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