J!6 Clue Archive – December 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019:

Jeopardy! Round:

PEEK A CHOO-CHOO: Australia’s Ghan train connects Adelaide with this capital of the Northern Territory
GEO, DUDE: Hey, bro, let’s take some epic pics at Machu Picchu in this South American nation
ODD-ISH: She was elected into congress in 1916, before women had the right to vote
SLOWPOKE: These slow-moving aquatic animals are also called sea cows
NINE TALES: A man fights nature’s elements in the Ykon in this author’s “To Build a Fire”
POKEMON: The soft singing of this Pokémon lulls people into a deep sleep

Double Jeopardy! Round:

QUOTES OF NOTE: In “Lady Windermere’s Fan”, this Irish wit wrote, “I can resist everything except temptation”
REAL & UNREAL PLACES: Idiotville is a real ghost town in this state’s Tillamook Forest
SELECTED TWICE TO THE ROCK HALL OF FAME: he was enshrined with Fleetwood Mac in 1998 & went her own way into the hall as a solo act in 2019
FROM “C” TO SHINING “C”: This word precedes “Fibrosis” in a genetic disorder that affects the lungs
PSYCHOLOGY JARGON: In Freudian psychology, it’s the division of the psyche that represents the conscience
HAVE AN ARTSY CHRISTMASTIME: “Santa’s Workshop” is a work by this “Painter of Light”

Correct responses for December 9, 2019:

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PEEK A CHOO-CHOO: What is Darwin?
GEO, DUDE: What is Peru?
ODD-ISH: Who is Jeannette Rankin?
SLOWPOKE: What are manatees?
NINE TALES: Who is Jack London?
POKEMON: What is Jigglypuff?
QUOTES OF NOTE: Who is Oscar Wilde?
REAL & UNREAL PLACES: What is Oregon?
FROM “C” TO SHINING “C”: What is cystic?
PSYCHOLOGY JARGON: What is superego?


Friday, December 6, 2019:

Jeopardy! Round

MUGSHOTS: This future star of “Home Improvement” was sporting a mustache in his 1978 mugshot from Kalamazoo, Michigan
RETIRED NUMBERS IN SPORTS: John Stockton retired from basketball in 2003 & had his No. 12 jersey retired by this team in 2004
CLOTHING: Casual pants in a mid-calf length go by this term that includes the name of a mollusk
LAKES & RIVERS: Hot springs & geysers are found on the bottom of Yellowstone Lake in this state
ACCORDING TO BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY: It’s “a defamatory assertion expressed in a transitory form”, especially speech
REMEMBER THE “L_M_O”: This city known for its porcelain is the birthplace of the French impressionist Renoir

Double Jeopardy! Round:

BACK IN THE 20TH CENTURY: ENIAC, which took up a 30-foot-by-50-foot room, was an early one of these built in the 1940s
ADJECTIVES: Spontaneous & natural, like the “Camera” in an Allen Funt TV title
THE REST OF THE TITLE, PLEASE: Macaulay Culkin returned for “Home Alone 2: Lost in” this city
WOMEN!: She Runs It is a non-profit that originally set out to promote women in this industry once led by “Mad Men”
OLD BOOKS: The oldest surviving printed book with a date is an 868 A.D. copy of the Diamond Sutra, a holy book from this religion
IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: It’s the study of a pop music style from the 1950s that blended Country & Western with Rhythm & Blues

Correct responses for December 6, 2019:

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MUGSHOTS: Who is Tim Allen?
CLOTHING: What are clam diggers?
LAKES & RIVERS: What is Wyoming?
REMEMBER THE “L_M_O”: What is Limoges?
BACK IN THE 20TH CENTURY: What is a computer?
ADJECTIVES: What is candid?
WOMEN!: What is advertising?
OLD BOOKS: What is Buddhism?
IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: What is rockabilly science?


Thursday, December 5, 2019:

Jeopardy! Round:

LITERARY LOCALES: An interactive iPad app lets readers explore Ankh-Morpork, a fictional city from this Terry Pratchett series
TANKS A LOT!: As Mrs. Doubtfire, this comedian got the kids to stop watching TV by throwing the remote control in the fish tank
ARCHAEOLOGY: In 1974, a group of farmers digging a well led to an excavation of 8,000 terracotta soldiers in this country
THE “J” EFFECT: In the 16th century, this word was used for negative things like tiring out a horse, but now it refers to a brief getaway
CHEESE FOR THE MOUSE: Don’t raise a stink, Stuart Little; just try a little of this extremely odorous cheese named for a province in Belgium
ACTOR & ROLES: Elton John & Robin Hood are 2 roles that have been played by this actor

Double Jeopardy! Round:

GRAND OLD FLAGS: Like the national flag officially adopted in 1889, the flags of this country’s 26 cantons are also square
4-LETTER WORDS: In a christmas poem, “The stockings were hung by the chimney with” this
“B” SIEGE: On Christmas Day 1944, Soviet troops finished surrounding this Hungarian capital, beginning a 50-day siege
PATRIOT GAMES: Opposing quarterback Sam Darnold threw zero touchdowns in the last meeting between the Patriots & this longtime rival team
THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM: On his new Disney+ series, Jeff Goldblum trips the lighted floor fantastic stepping on this arcade game
COMPLETE THE CONSTITUTIONAL PHRASE: Congress shall propose amendments “whenever” this fraction “of both houses shall deem it necessary”

Correct responses for December 5, 2019:

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LITERARY LOCALES: What is “Discworld”?
TANKS A LOT!: Who is Robin Williams?
ARCHAEOLOGY: What is China?
THE “J” EFFECT: What is jaunt?
CHEESE FOR THE MOUSE: What is Limburger?
ACTOR & ROLES: Who is Taron Egerton?
GRAND OLD FLAGS: What is Switzerland?
4-LETTER WORDS: What is care?
“B” SIEGE: What is Budapest?
PATRIOT GAMES: Who are the New York Jets?
THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM: What is “Dance Dance Revolution”?


Wednesday, December 4, 2019:

Jeopardy! Round:

YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!: You’ll be looking at a safe investment if you leave the bank with a government-backed T-bill; the T stands for this
TRIOS: Brothers Larry, Darryl & Darryl went from onetime fixer-uppers to fixtures on this sitcom
IN THE NATIONAL TOY HALL OF FAME: This company’s yo-yo was inducted in 1999
THE SONG (BY PARENTHETICAL TITLE): In a song from their debut album, The Doors said do this “(To the Other Side)”
BENGAL: Business Insider explained how a certain Great Banyan one of these in Bengal covers more land than the average Walmart
TIGER TALK: Esso pitched petrol by telling customers to “Put a tiger in your” this

Double Jeopardy! Round:

LET’S SCIENCE THE HECK OUT OF THIS: Some metals are so reactive they explode on contact with water, like this one with the chemical symbol K
OSCAR ONE OF A KINDS: This star of “The Pianist” is the only person to win Best Actor while in his 20s
HISTORIC NAMES: In 1975 this Libyan leader laid out his philosophy in “The Green Book”
LITERARY PASSINGS: E! Online referred to Leslie Burke’s drowning in this novel as “the moment you realized you can’t even trust children’s books”
MODERN ACTIVISM: “Slacktivism” is a term for hollow actions such as giving “Likes” on this Mark Zuckerberg-founded website
ENDS WITH 2 VOWELS: A Latin phrase meaning “It is hateful to me” is the origin of this word for boredom

Correct responses for December 4, 2019:

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YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!: What is treasury?
TRIOS: What is Newhart?
THE SONG (BY PARENTHETICAL TITLE): What is “Break on Through”?
BENGAL: What is a tree?
TIGER TALK: What is tank?
OSCAR ONE OF A KINDS: Who is Adrien Brody?
HISTORIC NAMES: Who is Muammar Qaddafi?
LITERARY PASSINGS: What is Bridge to Terabithia?
MODERN ACTIVISM: What is Facebook?
ENDS WITH 2 VOWELS: What is ennui?


Tuesday, December 3, 2019:

Jeopardy! Round:

WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST?: They may have dropped “Donuts” from their name, but not from their menu; the little Munchkins go well with coffee
CLASSIC NOVELS: For this book, Jack London based buck on a St. Bernard-collie mix he met while in Alaska
MOTORCYCLE MAKERS: Thanks to Apple Carplay, you can access your iPhone while riding the 2019 Gold Wing from this company
WORDS & THEIR MEANINGS: It’s a 7-letter synonym for one of the 7 deadly sins: covetousness
BROADWAY NAMES: The first latina to win a Kennedy Center honor, she made her Broadway debut as a dancer in “Guys and Dolls”
STATE OF THE LOTTO SCRATCHER: Great Lakes Loot is a lottery ticket in this state

Double Jeopardy! Round:

NOT-SO-EASY KIDS’ TV: Nickelodeon takes us back to school with new episodes of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” hosted by this pro wrestler
DOPPELHANGERS: eBay was a key tool in an art scam exposed in 2008 that was said to include 2,500 prints from this American known for mobiles
WHEN I WAS SECRETARY OF STATE…: I represented the U.S. at a ceremony where Hong Kong was transferred from Britain to China
ANIMAL MALADIES: Canine infectious tracheobronchitis is better known as this “cough”, as dogs commonly contract it in confinement
ALL ABOUT EVE: Don’t take a sledgehammer to your keyboard if you get stuck in “Eve”, a PC game scored by this former frontman of Genesis
IN EXTREMIS: Use letters in “extremis” to make this word for a cheapskate

Correct responses for December 3, 2019:

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WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST: What is Dunkin’?
CLASSIC NOVELS: What is “Call of the Wild”?
WORDS & THEIR MEANINGS: What is avarice?
BROADWAY NAMES: Who is Chita Rivera?
NOT-SO-EASY KIDS’ TV: Who is John Cena?
DOPPELHANGERS: Who is Alexander Calder?
WHEN I WAS SECRETARY OF STATE…: Who is Madeleine Albright?
ANIMAL MALADIES: What is kennel cough?
ALL ABOUT EVE: Who is Peter Gabriel?
IN EXTREMIS: What is miser?


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