What is Klingon?

     I decided to play along with both yesterday’s and today’s GSN episodes of Jeopardy!, rather than write about them at greater length.  You recall that Jason Richards was the champion.  Below are my scores….

Or are one of these the worst?

     Today’s contestants were pretty evenly matched.  Scores at the first break were $2200 for 1-day champ Robert Knecht Schmidt from OH, $4000 for Rachel Pildis from IL, and $2800 for Nick Gorski of VA….

The “wurst” response in Jeopardy! history?

     Okay, maybe not the worst….      If you missed Friday’s GSN episode of Jeopardy!, you missed quite a show.  It was notable for how well one contestant did, and how poorly another one did.  I recognized…

Robert “Knechts”

     At the end of Friday’s Jeopardy round, Cyd Musni of Florida had $4600, Robert Knecht Schmidt of Ohio had $10600, and Sarah Rubin of MA had $600.  Rubin did not answer ring in at all before…

“Deo Volente”?

     Just when I thought I had been wrong about 10 or 11 stumpers being a lot in an episode, today’s episode had 4.  I will keep counting….      Today’s episode seemed evenly-matched in the…