Interview with Vijay Balse, coming soon!

     Great news – Vijay Balse, winner of the 2010 Tournament of Champions, has agreed to be interviewed for this blog!  He earned more than $80,000 as a 4-time champion in his regular episodes, and he beat the heavy-hitters of season 26 for another $250,000 at the Tournament of Champions.  Clearly he knows what he’s doing, so if you want to be on the show someday and you have any questions for him, send them to me via a comment here, e-mail (, or Twitter (@vamosdavid).
     Kids Week wrapped up on Friday.  I’m thankful that it’s one week instead of the two that most other Jeopardy! tournaments are.  I didn’t make my goal of getting every question correct.  My best result of the week was 27/30.  Did you guys try it, and if so, how did you do?  I did go 5/5 on Final Jeopardy, though, and yesterday’s was a triple-stumper.  In Books for Kids: “In Wonderland, Alice comes upon a mad tea-party attended by the hatter, march hare, and this creature, who’s asleep.”*
     I was a little bummed when on Wednesday’s episode the contestants went to the spelling category last.  I rejoice when that category comes up!  They needn’t have worried; there were no triple-stumpers, unlike in the last category they chose on Tuesday, Radio Disney, which had four.  The first clue I missed Wednesday was this one in What’s for Lunch?: “How about some Middle East fast food?  This sandwich of fried chickpea balls and tahini sauce.”*  (And I won’t make a joke about feeling awful for missing it!)
     Next week, we are back to regular episodes! 

*the dormouse, falafel