The Ultra-Champs (10+ Game Winners)

Here at The Jeopardy! Fan, you can find game-by-game statistics for every person who has won at least 10 consecutive games of Jeopardy!

Since September 2003, Jeopardy! instituted what is known as the “Sky’s The Limit” rule; champions now play until they lose (prior to the rule’s implementation, champions were capped at 5 wins).

Through July 14, 2022, 14 players have won 10 or more games on Jeopardy!:

Ken Jennings (74 wins)

Amy Schneider (40 wins)

Matt Amodio (38 wins)

James Holzhauer (32 wins)

Mattea Roach (23 wins)

Julia Collins (20 wins)

David Madden (19 wins)

Jason Zuffranieri (19 wins)

Ryan Long (16 wins)

Matt Jackson (13 wins)

Austin Rogers (12 wins)

Seth Wilson (12 wins)

Arthur Chu (11 wins)

Jonathan Fisher (11 wins)

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