Top Coryat Scores Of All-Time

This page lists the top Coryat scores of all-time on Jeopardy. This statistic was created by Karl Coryat in his preparation for his 1996 appearance on the show. In the Coryat score, there is no penalty for forced incorrect responses on Daily Doubles, but correct responses on Daily Doubles earn only the natural values of the clues, and any gain or loss from the Final Jeopardy! Round is ignored. It’s a very good way of tracking how much of the board material an at-home player has a grasp of.

With the recent run of James Holzhauer on Jeopardy, there has been an interest in seeing the top single-game Coryat scores of all time on the show. Thus, I have compiled every single known and verified Coryat score in J! Archive over $33,000 ($16,500 in a game before clue values were doubled.)

Scores from before clue value doubling are marked in the table below with a * beside the player’s name.

DateNameCoryat Score
2004-06-10Ken Jennings$39,200
2021-07-29Matt Amodio$39,000
2019-05-01James Holzhauer$38,200
2021-08-09Matt Amodio$38,200
2019-04-30James Holzhauer$37,800
2004-07-23Ken Jennings$37,600
2019-05-27James Holzhauer$37,600
2004-07-13Ken Jennings$37,200
2019-05-03James Holzhauer$37,200
2004-09-15Ken Jennings$37,000
2019-04-17James Holzhauer$36,600
2004-10-08Ken Jennings$36,400
2004-11-24Ken Jennings$36,200
1997-06-04*Wes Ulm ($18,000)$36,000
2004-11-05Ken Jennings$36,000
2019-04-16James Holzhauer$36,000
1992-05-21*Jerome Vered ($17,900)$35,800
2004-09-17Ken Jennings$35,800
2004-06-11Ken Jennings$35,400
2019-04-09James Holzhauer$35,400
2003-04-14Brian Weikle$35,000
2010-09-14Roger Craig$34,400
2019-04-23James Holzhauer$34,000
2004-06-24Ken Jennings$33,800
1994-09-07*Steve Chernicoff ($16,800)$33,600
1997-09-04*Dan Melia ($16,800)$33,600
2019-04-22James Holzhauer$33,600
2019-05-31James Holzhauer$33,600
2004-09-09Ken Jennings$33,400
2015-10-08Matt Jackson$33,400
2019-04-18James Holzhauer$33,400
2004-06-17Ken Jennings$33,200
2004-07-20Ken Jennings$33,200
2019-09-13Jason Zuffranieri$33,200
2021-08-10Matt Amodio$33,200
2005-07-11David Madden$33,000
2011-09-29Chris Fleitas$33,000

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