ToC Tracker

31st Tournament of Champions Tracker

This is the tracker for the 31st Tournament of Champions, currently scheduled for the fall of 2023.

ContestantsGames Won$ Won
Justin Bolsen2023 High School Reunion Tournament champion$100,000
Ike Barinholtz2022–23 Celebrity Jeopardy! champion
Cris Pannullo21$748,286
Ray Lalonde13$386,400
Stephen Webb8$184,881
Troy Meyer6$214,802
Luigi de Guzman5$140,700
Matthew Marcus4$114,200
David Sibley4$78,098
Yogesh Raut3$96,403
Sean McShane3$80,401
Emmett Stanton3$72,600
Jake DeArruda3$68,661
Melissa Klapper3$59,100

30th Tournament of Champions Tracker

Below is the tracker for the November 2022 Tournament of Champions:

ContestantGames Won$ Won
Jaskaran Singh2022 Jeopardy! National College Champion$250,000
Sam Buttrey2021 Professors Tournament Champion$100,000
Amy Schneider40$1,382,800
Matt Amodio38$1,518,601
Mattea Roach23$560,983
Ryan Long16$299,400
Jonathan Fisher11$246,100
Brian Chang7$163,904
Courtney Shah7$118,558
Eric Ahasic6$160,601
Zach Newkirk6$124,871
Megan Wachspress6$60,603
Andrew He5$157,365
Tyler Rhode5$105,901
Jackie Kelly4$115,100
John Focht4$103,800
Margaret Shelton4$79,700
Christine Whelchel4$73,602
Maureen O'Neil4$58,200
Emily Fiasco3$87,201
Yungsheng Wang3$84,202
Kelly Donohue3$79,601
Lucy Ricketts3$79,499
Lawrence Long3$74,792
Emily Sands3$73,000
Brandon Deutsch3$70,026
Dave Rapp3$69,200
Josh Saak3$66,405
Patrick Hume3$60,500
Mike Nelson3$55,000
Emma Saltzberg3$54,199
Amanda Ganske3$53,199
Katie Sekelsky3$35,899

Disclaimer: These trackers are a completely unofficial list, compiled based on criteria used for past tournaments. These criteria are subject to change at any point. The final selection is at the sole discretion of the Jeopardy! producers.

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