ToC Tracker

2018-19 Tournament of Champions Tracker

Who’s holding down the spots in Jeopardy!’s next Tournament of Champions?

ContestantGames Won$ Won
Dhruv Gaur2018 College Championship winner$100,000
Larry MartinTeachers Tournament winner$100,000
Josh Hill7$163,721
Ryan Fenster7$156,497
Kyle Jones7$145,503
Rob Worman6$133,900
Alan Dunn5$120,802
Gilbert Collins5$84,201
Rachel Lindgren5$75,999
Dave Leffler4$100,102
Alex Schmidt4$92,880
Mary Ann Borer4$86,500
Kyle Becker4$63,802
Scott McFadden3$78,401
Dave Mattingly3$77,400
Ali Hasan3$67,801
Erik Agard3$66,802
Suzanne Koppelman3$63,601
Emily Frey3$62,503
Jeffrey Schwarz3$62,300
Kate O'Connor3$61,800
Rick Terpstra3$60,000
Doug Dodson3$52,799
Wes Hazard3$51,196
Michelle Cabral3$46,693
Emily Milan3$45,001


Disclaimer: This tracker is a completely unofficial list, compiled based upon criteria used for past tournaments. This criteria is subject to change at any point. The final selection is at the sole discretion of the Jeopardy! producers.

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