The 300 Club

Here is a list of players who, as per the J! Archive, have given 300 correct responses or more, including Final Jeopardy, on the show. The stats currently include Super Jeopardy.

Ken Jennings953058603118does not include Watson games
James Holzhauer451460411501
Matt Amodio2887920899
Brad Rutter3775918777does not include Watson games
Jason Zuffranieri2260413617
Julia Collins2757014584
David Madden2652517542
Matt Jackson2250311514
Roger Craig204288436
Jerome Vered1841813431
Austin Rogers1741014424
Arthur Chu164038411
Robin Carroll163749383
Chuck Forrest1636212374includes Super Jeopardy
Frank Spangenberg1734611357includes Super Jeopardy
Seth Wilson163379346
Jennifer Quail1332812340
Alex Jacob153342336
Dan Pawson163267333
Bob Verini*163257332Missing 2 games; includes Super Jeopardy
Larissa Kelly1630912321
Dan Melia1330211313
Mike Dupee*113037310Missing 1 game
Chris Miller133018309
Bob Harris142989307

The Sports Jeopardy! 300 Club:
Vinny Varadarajan (16 games, 332 correct, 9 Final, 341 total)

Those who may also make the list once more data is found:
Michael Daunt (262, missing 4 games)
Leslie Frates (252, missing 3 games)
Eric Newhouse (245, missing 3 games)
Leszek Pawlowicz (234, missing 3 games)
Steve Chernicoff (192, missing 3 games)
Tom Nosek (185, missing 4 games)
Rachael Schwartz (168, missing 4 games)

Just missing the list at the moment (all games known, within 30 correct):
Jason Keller (299)
Buzzy Cohen (298)
Ben Ingram (296)
Tom Nissley (281)
Pam Mueller (281)
Brian Weikle (278)
Mark Dawson (277)
Joon Pahk (272)