Jonathan Fisher’s Game-By-Game Statistics

Here are game-by-game statistics for the entirety of Jonathan Fisher’s run on Jeopardy!

Game #DateWinningsRightWrongCoryat1st Buzz %Final?DDNet EarnedDominance
1October 11, 2021$29,200172$13,40024.56%Yes2/3$2,6000.6
2October 12, 2021$22,500321$31,00046.43%No1/1$1,00076.11
3October 13, 2021$18,300196$13,60038.18%Yes1/1$3,0009.83
4October 14, 2021$24,000272$21,40047.37%Yes1/1$2,50035.5
5October 15, 2021$23,700284$22,80049.12%No2/2$4,50033.28
6October 18, 2021$25,200283$26,20045.61%No3/3$5,00060.84
7October 19, 2021$13,200274$13,80050.88%Yes0/1$-2,20040.17
8October 20, 2021$37,700331$27,20054.39%Yes1/2$1,60016.04
9October 21, 2021$22,100253$19,60043.86%Yes1/1$2,60027.25
10October 22, 2021$14,200203$19,60035.09%No0/0$061.1
11October 25, 2021$16,000283$22,20049.12%Yes0/2$-6,20031.2
12October 26, 2021$2,000226$11,20043.86%Yes0/1$-2,000-5.32
Regular Play Totals$248,10030638$20,16744.05%8/1212/18$12,40030.8

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