Ken Jennings’ Final Statistics

These are Ken Jennings’ final statistics from his original 75-game run:

Games Played: 75
Total Winnings: $2,522,700
Career Batting Average: 0.597
Triple Stumpers Average: 5.45 (per game)
Unrevealed Clues Average: 0.48 (per game)

High Game: $75,000 (July 23rd)
Low Game: $8,799 (November 30th)
Average Game: $33,727

Correct Responses: 2,693 (including Final Jeopardy)
Incorrect Responses: 263 (including Final Jeopardy)
Unforced Errors: 212 (incorrect answer after a buzz-in)
Most Number of Correct Answers, One Game: 45 (July 20th and 23rd)
Fewest Number of Correct Answers: One Game: 26 (June 7th, June 28th, October 26th)

Times First In: (Not Including DDs): 2605
Times First In %age: 61.45% (of all clues read)

Rebounds: 94
Rebound %age: 41.05% (Times rebounded out of all rebound opportunities)

Category Stats:

Categories Run: 94
Categories with 4 Correct Responses: 229
Categories with 3 Correct Responses: 253
Categories with at least 3 Correct Responses: 576
Categories Seen: 900
%age of Categories with at least 3 Correct Responses: 64.00%
Categories with 0 Correct Responses: 31

Daily Doubles:

Daily Doubles Hit: 160
Daily Doubles Correct: 133
Daily Double %age: 83.13%
Average Daily Double Wager: $3,810
Total Net Gain on Daily Doubles: $421,199
Average Net Gain on Daily Doubles: $2,632 (per Daily Double)

Average Scores:

Average Score at End of First Round: $9,936
Average Lead at End of First Round: $6,649
Average Score at End of 2nd Round: $31,136
Average Lead at End of 2nd Round: $22,977
% of Games Locked: 86.7% (65 of 75)

Final Jeopardy:

Opportunites to Safely Bet to surpass $52,000: 29 (lead of greater than $26,000 after Double Jeopardy!)
Number of Times Ken would have surpassed $52,000 with a large enough wager: 17
Number of Times Surpassed $52,000: 2

Final Jeopardy %age: 68.0%
Average Final Jeopardy Wager: $7,698
Difference Between Ken’s and Martian Wagering: $(119,978) (positive favours Ken, negative favours Martians)
Ken’s Total Had He Wagered Full Martian: $2,642,678

Coryat Scores:
(See for description of a Coryat Score)

Average Coryat: $27,928
Average Opposition Player Coryat: $5,683
Average Combined Coryat: $39,299
High Coryat: $39,200 (June 10th)
Low Coryat: $17,400 (October 26th)