Now that I have the attention of you Jeopardy! fans: Yes, it’s time for another contest.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am giving away a copy of Steven J. Ferrill’s The Cultural Literacy Trivia Guide.  Here’s what you need to do:  First, do you remember when I experimented with keeping track of my scores via the Coryat method (as opposed to using my Jeopardy Challenger)?  Well now I’m asking YOU to do it.  Click here for a copy of the score sheet, and here are some examples of the score sheet once filled out:
     (The scoring sheet was designed by Josh Horstman, by the way.)  I checkmark the clues I got right, I ‘x’ clues I got wrong, and I leave blank those that I either didn’t answer or were not revealed in the round.  I put the balance of each row on the right side, then added that column to come up with my score.
     So that’s what I’m asking you NEXT WEEK to do to be eligible for the trivia book.  Each time you post your score for the day (as a comment), you will have another chance to win.  I will give you til 4:30 p.m. Central time on Monday, October 4 to post any or all of your scores.  You can post them under any post; I moderate comments and will see it no matter what.  And you can post them separately or at one time or in any combination; it doesn’t matter. I will join you in keeping track of my scores this way next week.  Do you have any questions?
     Here are my scores for the week, using my Jeopardy Challenger:
Russ Porter     Destiny Lilly     Jelisa Castrodale   Me
  20001              19999                 991                 9800
Kara Spak     DJ Schepker     Russ Porter     Me
  24001              6300                 19000       21198
     Now for today’s episode.  Three female contestants were featured today:
From left to right: Kara Spak, Hillary Janikula, Lyssette Flinchbaugh
     Lyssette found all three Daily Doubles today.  The first was in Who Said It, Shakespeare?  She had 1600 at the time.  Kara had 3800, and Hillary had nothing, which surprised me, because she had been answering.  I had 4800.  Lyssette wagered a conservative (and random?) 600 on this clue: “Here’s the smell of the blood still: All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”*  She got it right. Incidentally, I was glad to get this clue right that tricked Kara in the same category: “O True Apothecary!  Thy drugs are quick.  Thus with a kiss, I die.”*
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, I had 7400, Kara had 6000, Hillary had 600, and Lyssette had 3800.  Lyssette seemed to stumble upon the first Daily Double in Colleges and Universities.  (I mean that she was not going down a column of clues when she found it, and it was in the 800 slot!)  She had 5000, Kara had 6400, and Hillary still had 600.  (And this after Mr. Trebek told us Hillary said she had just gotten the hang of the signaling device!)  Here was the clue, which Lyssette wagered 2000 on (random again?): “Founded in 1789, this Washington D.C. school was the USA’s first Catholic college.”*  She got it right again.  Lyssette found the next Daily Double in It’s a Plain.  She had 8200, Kara had 11200, and poor Hillary had 2200.  Lyssette wagered 1000 (random a third time?) on this clue: “Stonehenge stands out on the landscape of this largely treeless 300-square-mile area.”*  She got that one right!  So at the end of the round, Lysette led with 20800, Kara had 13200, and Hillary had 1000.  I had 24600. 
     The Final Jeopardy category was Presidents.  Not narrowed down that much!  But I don’t know of a better
category for this clue: “He served the shortest amount of time as president before running for and winning reelection.”*  Hillary’s answer was illegible but wrong when she said what it was supposed to say.  Kara got it right and wagered 2000.  I actually said out loud, “What kind of a wussy wager is that?”…until it was revealed that Lyssette got the final wrong.  Then it became clear: Lyssette wagered as could be predicted, so that she would beat Kara by a dollar if she got it right and if Kara doubled.  Kara wagered assuming Lyssette would wager that way, but get it wrong, which is what happened.  The crowd “OOOOHHed”!  Kara had won by a dollar.  It was a savvier wager than I thought.  My final score was 23699.  The crowd would oohed in horror if they’d seen my final response.  I’ll spare you the pain!  We’ll see Kara next week!  How long do you guys think she can last?
*Lady MacBeth, Romeo, Georgetown, the Salisbury Plain, LBJ
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