Reading Rush

     Yesterday, I said I’d picked up at the library Q and A by Vikas Swarup.  Well the book was faster to read than I expected, and I finished it this morning.  (Yikes!)  I’d already seen the movie on which it was based (“Slumdog Millionaire”).  I don’t have to compare the two since I didn’t give you much warning, unless you want to in a comment or you want me to.
     I thought I was gonna skip True Grit by Charles Portis because my library doesn’t have it.  The bookstore, though, had a used copy for $7.49, which is totally worth it to me.  I’m picked it up tonight, and it looks like it’s gonna go fast too.  I’ve “seen” (didn’t bother trying to stay awake for) the movie, so I’m going to watch it again after I’ve read the book.
     By the way, I’ve discovered a way to tweet automatically whenever I’ve published a new post.  I am concerned that this will annoy people, in which case I won’t do it.  If it does bother you, please don’t hesitate to tell me.
     Today’s contestants:

Beth Watkins

Leslie Hamilton

Jason Keller (He says he tried for 16 years to get on the show!)

     The first two clues revealed today, in Canada Rocks, were quadruple-stumpers.  Here they are: “Toronto-born Robbie Robertson was part of the Bob Dylan backup group that made it big on their own using this name.” And “He recorded some of his biggest albums, including ‘Rust Never Sleeps,’ backed up by Crazy Horse.”  The contestants left the category and didn’t go back until their was nothing left.  They did manage to answer the remaining clues, including this last one in the round: “This arena-rock trio hit it big in the ’70s with the Ayn Rand-inspired album “2112.”
     At the first break, Beth had 1800, Jason had 3600, and Leslie had 600.
     Did you notice Mr. Trebek say “GP-rated” during his interview with Beth?  I’d never heard anyone say that, but I when I looked it up just now, it seems it had been a rating beginning in 1970, and was replaced by “PG” in 1972.  I kinda thought Mr. Trebek would fix it later, but he didn’t.
     I got this triple-stumper in Time for Lunch: “In the world according to this fish the kind made into gefilte fish is called the German or Israeli type.”
     Jason found the Daily Double in John, Paul, George.  He had 6000, Leslie had 4000, and Beth had 2000.  He picked up just 1000 on this clue: “He’s the botanist seen here in 1940.”

     At the end of the round, Beth had 3800, Jason had 7000, and Leslie had 4600.
     I was pleased with the categories of the Double Jeopardy round!: Historic Leaders’ Letters to Santa, A Stony CategoryLake City, Anatomical Etymology, Streep Tease, and The Village Idiom.
     Jason found the first Daily Double in Lake City (where the contestant names the lake associated with the city in the clue).  He had maintained his lead with 7400, while Beth had 3000 and Leslie had 5000.  He wagered 2000 on this clue: “Jinja, Uganda.”  He got it right.
     When Leslie found the next Daily Double in A Stony Category, she was still in second place with 9400, while Beth had 3400 and Jason had 18200.  Mr. Trebek naturally pointed out that she could take the lead if she made it a true Daily Double.  She wagered just 2000 on this clue: “Geologists use these 2 Greek-derived terms to describe the ‘New Stone Age’ & the ‘Old Stone Age’ time periods.”  She got it right.
     There was a less than a minute to go when Streep Tease was left.  I answered the three they got to, and would’ve liked to see the last two!  Beth ended the round with 3000.  Jason had 20200, and Leslie had 13800.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Word History.  This was the clue: “A Roman legal term for a debtor sentenced to servitude is the origin of this term for a slave to a vice.”  Jason was the only one to answer correctly, making him the new champ.  Beth lost everything (I’d have wagered 0.)  Leslie lost 7242 (I’d have wagered 1000.)  Jason added 8000.  We’ll see him Monday.
     After yesterday, I kinda thought Beth was gonna win at least one more.
     My Coryat today was a disappointing 14400.  It would’ve been 7800 higher without 8 negs.
     There were plenty of quadruple-stumpers today.  I’m gonna pick one of these to write about next week.  Do you have a preference?: The Band, Neil Young, Peter Scofield, Lake Mead, “where the bodies are buried,” (?!) upsilon, Ramses, prison.