Twitch and shout

      Shall we? Today’s contestants:

Joey Gutmann of New York NY
Paula Menasche of Coral Gables FL
Julie Reynolds of Waterville OH


     I got the feeling early that Joey did his homework and read Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions by Chuck Forrest and Mark Lowenthal, and Michael Dupee’s How to Get on Jeopardy! and Win!, and he may even have learned a thing or two watching Roger Craig. To wit:
  • the Forrest bounce
  • Selecting a category by a word that won’t remind opponents what’s being sought (like “Game” for The Game’s a “Foot”.)
  • Wagering everything on a Daily Double in the Jeopardy round
  • Wagering small on a Daily Double when you aren’t familiar with the category’s content. In case anyone asks, I quote from Forrest’s book: “Unless it’s early in the game and you can easily recoup the loss, or it’s late and you’re really behind, we prefer the cautious approach. Balance in your mind the value of the question (which determines its difficulty), everyone’s relative scores, and your degree of confidence in the category. If it’s late in the game and you have a comfortable lead, it’s more sensible to sit tight rather than risk trying to pad it.” (Keep this in mind when you read below.) 
     And these are things that most people don’t do. 
     Somebody care to tell me how someone would know this one, in Capital City Churches?: 
“Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the cathedral of this South American capital is seen here.”
     At the first break, Joey had gotten 3 right and one wrong, and had 1800. Paula had gotten 3 right and had 1400. Julie had gotten 2 right and one wrong and had 600.
     Did it sound like Mr. Trebek said “my gosh” for “Matyas” on this one in Capital City Churches?: “Matthias Church, or Matyas Templom, where Franz Joseph was crowned in 1867.” And then what was this bizarre twitch when he revealed the correct response?
     As you heard, Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning then. There were 9 clues left. The next clue was the Daily Double, and it belonged to Joey. Mr. Trebek pointed out he had half of Paula’s total. He’d gotten one right and 2 wrong since the break and had 1400. Paula had gotten 3 right and had 2800. Julie had gotten one right and had 1200. Joey wagered it all on this clue in Capital City Churches: “The High Kirk of St. Giles, where John Knox was minister.” Joey and I got it right. He also got the next 2 right (the last 2 of the round), and ended the round with 3400.
     Joey found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, at 1600 in The Quotable Keats. There were 6 clues left on the board after this one. A clue or two before, he’d said Mr. Trebek was making him go to this category, I guess because there had been so many triple-stumpers elsewhere…? Joey had gotten 5 right and one wrong and had 9800. Julie had gotten 6 right and had 6000. Paula had gotten 3 right and one wrong, and had 2800. Joey risked only 200 on this clue: “In ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn,’ these 5 words precede, ‘That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.” I started to say the correct response but I couldn’t remember the 3rd/4th word in time. Joey didn’t get it either.
     Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning with 5 clues left. 
     Joey said, “Tough day” before this clue was revealed in The Quotable Keats, at the bottom of the category: “Keats was quoting this Edmund Spenser poem when he told Shelley to ‘load every rift of your subject with ore.'” And I thought this was the easiest one in the category! Julie got it. The next clue was the Daily Double, at the bottom of The 6 Simple Machines. She looked like she wasn’t even trying to hide looking at the audience, something I was deathly afraid of doing. She’d gotten the one right since Joey’s Daily Double and had 8000. Joey had gotten one right too, and had 10000. Paula still had 2800. Julie wagered 2000 on this clue: “It’s hard turning just the post of a doorknob, but put the knob on, and it’s now the simple machine known as the wheel and this.” This was a video clue given by Jimmy, but for some reason this video won’t upload for me. At least we got to see The Twitch (or whatever that was). There’s no way I would have gotten this if not for the video. 
     I thought this was the easiest one in the category too, and it was a guess! Julie didn’t have a guess. This was the last clue of the round. So the scores going into the Final were: Paula 2800, Joey 10000, Julie 6000. The Final Jeopardy category was Baseball Stadiums. Mr. Trebek noted that Joey looked happy about it, but he was the only one of the 3 to get this wrong. Here’s the clue: “This major league baseball team’s current stadium was built for a 20th century Olympics.” Joey’s response crossed my mind first, but I’m glad I kept thinking about it because I thought of a better response. 🙂 Joey lost 2001. Julie gained 4005, and Paula doubled her score. That means Julie wins.
     These were my triple-stumpers today. I counted total (9 in the Jeopardy round; 10 in Double Jeopardy)!
  • In Service Organizations: “Father Michael McGivney founded this fraternal society for Catholic laymen in 1882.”
  • In Golden Globe Winners: “In 2001: the President of the United States on television.” (And yes, I got it before Julie gave the character’s name.)
  • Also in Golden Globe Winners: “In 2009: Sookie Stackhouse.”
  • In Broadway Lyrics: “In a song from ‘Chicago,’ we’re told to “give ’em the old’ this title, ‘give ’em an act with lots of flash in it.'”
  • Also in Broadway Lyrics: “‘Nothing portentous or polite, tragedy tomorrow,’ this ‘tonight.'”
  • I saw this play when Whoopi Goldberg was in it, on a high school trip. I doubt I’d have gotten it otherwise.

  • Still in Broadway Lyrics: “Song that says, ‘You make me smile with my heart; your looks are laughable, unphotographable.'” I got this one because Constantine Maroulis sang this on American Idol. Oh yeah. Incidentally, I’m pretty sure that all 5 of the Broadway Lyrics clues were triple-stumpers. 
     Nothing against Julie but Joey should’ve won today in my personal opinion. I’d like to see him have another chance only because I really do think
he studied up on strategy. If it’s any consolation to him, it’s the games where players are prepared that are the most pleasurable to watch (although some don’t like to see that many triple-stumpers). My own Coryat was 19400 (21600 without negs).