(What would Roger Craig do?)

Andy here with the first recap of the new week!

I’d like to offer my thoughts to everyone affected by the tragedy at yesterday’s Boston Marathon. However, I’m still up for a recap, because I’m sure that there were a lot of people who had Jeopardy! pre-empted yesterday!

This week’s contestants:
Darren Abernethy, Washington, DC
Judy Arginteanu, Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Byatt, Amherst, NH
Matt Eichenbaum, Kennett Square, PA
Phil Goldstein, Decatur, GA
Mary Graves, Terre Haute, IN
Tim Kleiman, New York, NY
Michelle Martin, Chicago, IL
Gary Roberts, Suffolk, VA
Shawn Selby, Canton, OH
Jamey Wiglesworth, Frankfort, KY

Tim Kleiman and Lisa Byatt are the challengers to Matt Eichenbaum today! I have a feeling that being in New Hampshire, Lisa’s coverage was probably pre-empted yesterday.

J! round categories:
CAT SCAN (You scan the clue and identify the cat breed.)

Tim had his score yo-yo quite a bit, taking $1,600 in negs over the first 15 clues! Meanwhile, Lisa picked up a couple of $1,000 clues early on! The 3 others she got put her in the lead after 15. Scores after 15 were:

Lisa $2,800
Matt $1,200
Tim $600

After going all the way through CAT SCAN and IT’S THE “FLU” before finally going back into BLOOD WORK, Matt went back there on the 22nd clue of the round, and found the Daily Double sitting under the $400 box! Scores were:

Lisa $4,000
Matt $2,600
Tim $1,600

Matt bet just $1,000. His clue: “A chant in this 1954 book goes, ‘Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood'”. His correct response put him at $3,600.

It disappoints me when players just leave money on the table like this. To me, contestants consistently overestimate the amount of risk involved on second-box Daily Doubles. The clues are easier, and especially at this point, there is time to make a comeback if necessary!

At the end of LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT, the last clues of the round, the scores were:

Matt $6,000
Lisa $4,200
Tim $2,000

I can’t help but think that Matt’s lead could have been greater, though!

DJ! round categories:

As if the show was trying to make a point, the first Daily Double was under EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY $800. Tim got to play it, with the scores as follows:

Lisa $7,000
Matt $6,400
Tim $3,200

Tim does make it a True Daily Double here. His clue: About 100 of this country’s 485 acres were reclaimed from the Mediterranean Sea within the past twenty years. Any Formula 1 fan recognizes that harbor immediately and gets this. Sadly for Tim, I don’t think he’s a Formula 1 fan. Tim’s answer of Albania is much larger than 485 acres, and his score falls to $0. Good bet, though.

I gave the same incorrect response as Matt did on this one (ENDS IN “Y” $1200: A parish priest or minister lives in one). Oops!

The final Daily Double was under HISTORIC WOMEN $800. Another second-row Daily Double! This was Matt’s again, and the scores were:

Matt $10,800
Lisa $8,600
Tim $2,800

Matt, in ultra-conservative mode, bets just $2,000. I’m pretty sure Roger Craig wouldn’t have bet $2,000.

Matt’s clue: In June 1984 she ordered an army attack on a Sikh shrine at Amritsar that killed hundreds. Another correct response puts her at $12,800.

Typically, the contestants left the sports category for last…but they made it through all 30 clues!

Scores going into Final Jeopardy!:
Matt $15,200
Lisa $13,800
Tim $8,000

I’m pretty sure that Roger Craig would have locked Lisa out in this game.

FJ! category: AUTHORS

FJ! clue: In hiding when his life was threatened, Salman Rushdie paid tribute to Conrad & Chekhov by using this pseudonym

Tim 8000 – 4000 = 4000
Lisa 13800 + 13000 = 26800
Matt 15200 – 13001 = 2199

So, Lisa’s the new Jeopardy! champion, congratulations to her! She’ll be back tomorrow to defend her title, and I’ll be back to recap it! See you then!

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