Party pooper

     Okay you guys. James Brown and Eli Barrieau have said they will answer our questions about their appearance on the show. So leave a comment somewhere with those.
     I’d planned to go to a dinner tonight – a lady’s 3rd or 4th attempt to start a single women’s group at my church. I didn’t really want to go but thought I should since I happened to not be working and I usually am. But I no longer feel like going and you just know when it’s for the best to change your mind. There will be another chance, and like this time, I won’t want to go.
     Here’s a rundown of Thursday’s episode.

John Pearson
Becky Giardina
Maryanne Lewell

     John got the first seven clues right, and that means he swept Color TV. Maybe it’s just me but I thought this 200 clue was the hardest: “______ Is the New _____.” The eighth clue was a triple-stumper in U.S. History: The First 100 Years, but I got it after the contestants eliminated a couple: “In the first census, 1790, New York was America’s largest city & this was the most populous state.” By the time John found the Daily Double of the round in Annual Events, he’d gotten 11 right.
Becky -600 (One wrong)
Maryanne -600 (One wrong)
John 6000
     John wagered 2000 on this easy clue: “This holiday falls on what was once the last day of the Celtic year when the ghosts of the dead returned to Earth.” At the first break:
Becky 200 (One right)
Maryanne -600
John 7400 (One right and one wrong)
     Why did Mr. Trebek say, “You notice folks John missed one. Bad sign.”?
     Like me, John can’t remember when he first started watching Jeopardy!
     At the end of the round:
Becky 1200 (2 right)
Maryanne 5000 (8 right)
John 9800 (4 right)
     Maryanne found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, in I Resign!
Becky 1600 (One right)
Maryanne 8600 (4 right)
John 11400 (3 right and 2 wrong)
     Maryanne wagered 2000 on this toughie: “In 2013 the chairman of this food company chicken-tendered his resignation as a Univ. of Arkansas trustee.” I thought of Maryanne’s response too but I wound up going with “Burger King.”
     The contestants should consider themselves lucky they don’t know this stupid song, in Pop Goes the Music: “Ho hey, cello player Neyla Pekarek is one of the bright lights of this band & its only female member.” Though I don’t know how they don’t know this song.
     Becky found the next Daily Double, in It Ends with “U”.
Becky 4400 (2 right)
Maryanne 6600
John 13800 (2 right)
     Becky wagered everything on this clue: “Hastily prepared or improvised.” She and I got it right.
     At the end of the round:
Becky 10800 (One right)
Maryanne 9400 (2 right)
John 22600 (8 right)
     It’s a lock!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Symbols. This was the clue: “One legend says Clovis, king of the Franks, adopted this symbol after flowers revealed a safe river crossing for his army.” I misread the clue but I’m counting my response right because I knew what symbol the writers were talking about. All 3 contestants got it right too. Maryanne doubled her score. Becky added 8001, giving her a one dollar lead over Maryanne. Why, since she can’t win anyway and if she was wrong she’d probably be out of wild-card contention? “Good move on both your parts,” Mr. Trebek said. What?! John wagered nothing but we’ll see him next week.
     My Coryat today was 30200 (31000 without one neg).

Wild card standings:
Anne Baxter (Monday winner)
Patrick Dillon (Tuesday winner)
Eli Barrieau (Wednesday winner)
John Pearson (Thursday winner)
Mary Beth Hammerstrom $20,000
Becky Giardina $18,801
Maryanne Lewell $18,800
Katie Moriarty $16,400
Rico Vazquez $11,400
Karen Cafaro $6,000
Kati Sorenson $399
James Brown 0

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