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     While I’m at it, I’ve been thinking about giving away a poster I got at Westminster Abbey. I got it so I could use it to study for Jeopardy! Now that I’ve been on the show I don’t want it anymore, but I’d hate to give it away to Goodwill or some place that may not appreciate it. Anyone interested?

I’ve never been this fussy about a picture that wasn’t of me.

     Yesterday‘s champ, Arthur Chu, goes for his second win today.

Arthur Chu
Carolyn Collins
Erik Post

     I just don’t think Carolyn fixed her answer before Mr. Trebek ruled against her, on this one in In the Sport’s Hall of Fame: “Olga Korbut, Kurt Thomas, Dominique Dawes.” But he said she did. I swept the category, by the way.
     I said “boating hat” and counted it wrong on this one in Headgear: “Ahoy! There’s a mode of transport in the name of this straw hat with a flat crown & a ribbon band.”
     For the third day in a row (at least), everyone was actively participating. Mr. Trebek said all 3 contestants were “off to an excellent start.”
Arthur 3000 (4 right and one wrong)
Erik 3800 (5 right)
Carolyn 3600 (6 right)
     I liked Erik’s poise during his interview. I think, though, that his occasional manner of selecting clues may have caused 2 to be left on the board at the end of the round: “[Category] forrrrrrr…$600.” I was much more annoyed though by what happened when Arthur found the Daily Double.
Arthur 3400 (One right)
Erik 3800
Carolyn 3800 (One right)
     The category was In the Sport’s Hall of Fame. Arthur wagered just $5 and didn’t seem to think about it much, but worse, he didn’t think about what the correct response could possibly be. He didn’t even throw out a guess, which is a sin on Daily Doubles and the Final. I didn’t like to see it a second time. This was the clue: “Eddie Giacomin, Herb Brooks, Conn Smythe.” If he’d thought about it, he might’ve at least recognized Herb Brooks. (That’s the only way I got it, anyway.) The crowd laughed but if it were a sporting event, I’d have booed.
     At the end of the round:
Arthur 4595 (5 right and one wrong)
Erik 4400 (One right)
Carolyn 4600 (2 right)
     Arthur found the first Daily Double of the round in Art Terms.
Arthur 4195 (One right and one wrong)
Erik 4400
Carolyn 4600
     This time he wagered it all (that’s more like it!) on this clue: “This type of paint is dry pigment mixed with an emulsion; the egg type is not usually affected by weather and humidity.” Arthur didn’t know but I did. And later I got this triple-stumper at the last second in 5-Syllable Words: “Legally, this term meaning defensible is a type of ‘homicide.'”
     This clue in Z Food is Ready made me happy: “At TGI Friday’s in Austria, these sides are zwiebelringe.” My sister and I fondly remember an incident at a McDonald’s in Europe (probably Germany) where we were trying to describe onions to the cashier. Finally, a chorus of voices around us – on both sides of the counter! – said “ZWIEBEL!” We didn’t know anyone was listening! And all those people spoke English! If that hadn’t happened, I doubt I’d have gotten this clue right today.
     Arthur found the next Daily Double too, in Official State Things!
Arthur 10000 (6 right)
Erik 8000 (3 right)
Carolyn 9400 (3 right)
     Arthur wagered 5000 this time on this easy one: “Located in the constellation Cancer, the Beehive Cluster is this state’s official astronomical symbol.” Arthur got it too. What a comeback he’s making! At the end of the round:
Arthur 18200 (5 right)
Erik 8400 (One right)
Carolyn 13400 (5 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category is Capital Cities. This was the clue: “One of the 2 world capitals that end in the letter ‘z,’ one is in Europe & one is in the Americas.” This was a snap for me, and I didn’t bother trying to think of the other one. Erik drew a straight line for his response, and he lost everything! Carolyn too wagered everything, but she got it right! Arthur got it right too and added 8600, tying the game. So we’ll see him and Carolyn tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 20400 (22600 without negs).
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