Dan’s on a roll

     I found out the cast list for King of the Nerds was released this week, which means the world knows now Colby Burnett will be appearing. Do you guys watch this show?
     Did you guys see the reference to Jeopardy! on Celebrity Name Game recently? (I worked on getting caught up on it today.) I want to be on that show so badly!
     I’ve started tracking my Coryat again since seeing on the boards that the difficulty level’s gone up this season. Do you guys think that’s true? So my Coryat on Friday was 21800 (24000 without negs).
     A couple of people pointed out to me that there are only 10 Howdies this week. They’re anticipating a tie. Will we get it today? First, here are the week’s contestants:
Sarah Horvitz
Regina Cabrera (I’m pretty sure this is an occasional attendee at O’Brien’s.)
John Campbell (A romance novelist?!)
Jim Hamilton
Chris Hoeh
Alexander Persaud
Candice Torres
     And today:

Shane Curtis
(I bet he’s glad the game was rained out!)
Amanda Brown

Dan Tran

     Dan’s hair, reminiscent of Milos Raonic, is too good to mention it in his caption. I hope they gave him a standing ovation in the studio! And hey, the outfit’s great too. Pay attention, gentlemen. As for Shane, I don’t like the color combo but I like the shiny tie. It looks like it’s made of vinyl!
     I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t hinted at on the boards, but Trebek walked out without a mustache today. See my comment on seeing him without a mustache at the ToC! I wonder, did the mustache episodes air before these contestants taped?
     Have you guys heard of this, in Food & Drink?: “Sometimes called ‘Italian Sashimi,’ it’s catching on in the U.S.; the name is simply Italian for ‘raw.'” I got this triple-stumper in Official Languages, on a guess: “Rundi.” I negged on this next one, though: “Xhosa.”
     Dan found the Daily Double of the round in Questionable Grammar in Lyrics.
Shane 1000 (4 right and one wrong)
Dan 2000 (4 right)
Amanda -800 (2 right and 2 wrong)
     Dan wagered everything on this clue: “‘Every little thing she does is magic, everything she do just turns me on’ has an issue with agreement of these 2 elements.” Dan and I were right. At first all I said was “verbs,” but I snapped out of it in time.
     That was the last clue before this first break. I got this first clue after the break, still in Questionable Grammar in Lyrics: “Bryan Adams: ‘That’d change if she ever found out about you & I’; ‘I’ should be in this grammatical case.” It was a triple-stumper. Then, like above, I negged on the next clue!: “‘Damn I wish I was your lover’ should be ‘…were your lover’, as this mood is used to express a wish.” It was a triple-stumper, too.
     I said “guillotine” on this one in Cause of Death? and am counting it right: “England’s Charles I went 2 pieces by this method.” Then I got this next clue in the same category, a triple-stumper: “Anton Chekhov, a man of letters, was felled by this 2-letter disease.”
     We had a whole lot of clues left when Trebek gave the minute warning. Four were left covered.
Shane 2400 (3 right and one wrong)
Dan 5200 (3 right and one wrong)
Amanda 0 (One right and one wrong)
     I got this triple-stumper in The Cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High: “Before ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ this Oscar winner had some ‘fast times’ as Brad’s bud.”
     Shane found the first Daily Double of the round in International Trade.
Shane 6400 (4 right)
Dan 7200 (3 right and one wrong)
Amanda 0
     Shane wagered on this clue: “Per U.S. D.O.T. figures, this central American nation has the largest registered merchant fleet in the world.” Shane and I were wrong. He went on a tear then though, and answered 4/5 in On a “Roll”.
     I’m not surprised this one in Saintly Women was a triple-stumper. I got it, but I think you have to be Catholic to know!: “On Feb. 11, 1858 she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary on the banks of the Gave River.” I didn’t get the next 2 in the category though, both triple-stumpers too! Not sure how this was a triple-stumper, though: “It’s said that she wiped the face of Christ with a veil while he was on the way to his crucifixion.”
     Shane found the next Daily Double in A Confederacy of Dunces.
Shane 9600 (6 right)
Dan 6800 (One right and one wrong)
Amanda 2000 (One right)
     Shane wagered on this clue, read by Jimmy: “Union soldiers found Robert E. Lee’s handwritten plans wrapped around 3 cigars and lying in a field east of Sharpsburg, Maryland 4 days before this bloody 1862 battle.” Shane and I were wrong. I thought Dan was strong to get those next 2 toughies in the category! Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning then with 6 clues left.
     I regret not ringing in on this one in Poems: “In an ode, Keats called this object an ‘unravish’d bride of quietness,’ a ‘foster child of silence.'” It was a triple-stumper. I thought it couldn’t be that obvious at 2000! Wait a minute – did I still win from the fourth podium?
     We had 2 clues left at the end of the round.
Shane 7600
Dan 10400 (2 right)
Amanda 2000        
     Take a minute now and figure out what you’d wager.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Sports Figures. This was the clue: “He was featured on the September 22, 1947 cover of Time with the caption ‘He and the boss took a chance.'” I didn’t try on this one but I doubt I’d have gotten it. The contestants were all stumped, too. Amanda didn’t lose anything though, while Shane lost 2000 and Dan lost 4800. That’s right – we’ll see them both tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 15600 (17400 without negs).
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