Quick Recap & Today’s Final Jeopardy – May 17, 2016

It’s Day 2 of Power Players Week from Washington, DC!

Today’s contestants:

Anderson Cooper, the host of AC 360° on CNN, playing for Spike’s K9 Fund
Lara Logan, a correspondent on 60 Minutes (CBS), playing for the Committee to Protect Journalists
Michael Steele, a political analyst on MSNBC and host of Steele & Ungar, playing for Catholic Charities Mona Center

Scores going into Final Jeopardy:
Lara $5,800
Anderson $4,000
Michael $1,600

Final Jeopardy! category: COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD

Final Jeopardy! clue: This country’s 2 main ethnic groups are Punjabi (who are also found in India) & Pashtun (also living in Afghanistan)

Click/Tap Here for Correct Response

What is Pakistan? (Michael said “a place far, far away”)



Michael 1600 – 600 = 1000 ($10,000)
Anderson 4000 + 3998 = 7998 ($10,000)
Lara 5800 + 4000 = 9800 ($50,000)

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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