This Week’s Contestants – January 22-26, 2018

Rachel Lindgren won on Friday; she returns this week as Jeopardy! champion. 10 more challengers join her. Who will end the week as Jeopardy! champion?

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Rachel Lindgren
Bend, Oregon
Rachel Lindgren on Jeopardy!
Gerard Simonette
Northampton, Massachusetts
Gerard Simonette on Jeopardy!
Adrianne Woodward
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Adrianne Woodward on Jeopardy!


Alex Schindele
Jersey City, New Jersey
Alex Schindele on Jeopardy!
Katie Champagne
Reno, Nevada
Katie Champagne on Jeopardy!
Del Scott
San Francisco, California
Del Scott on Jeopardy!
Eric Raygor
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Eric Raygor on Jeopardy!


Rosie Jonker
New York, New York
Rosie Jonker on Jeopardy!
Jeff Machusko
Centennial, Colorado
Jeff Machusko on Jeopardy!
Jennifer Tomassi
Los Angeles, California
Jennifer Tomassi on Jeopardy!
Melissa Stewart
Spokane, Washington
Melissa Stewart on Jeopardy!

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