March 2019 West Palm Beach Jeopardy! Online Test – Video & Answers

Looking to remember the questions to the March 2019 Adult Jeopardy West Palm Beach online test? Video and correct answers will be posted shortly after the test!

According to the show, “You may take either the West Palm Beach test on March 27, or any one of the three adult tests in April, but you may only take one. You should base your selection on convenience of audition city and available test date. Multiple entries may result in disqualification.”

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Video links (As always, thanks to Susan Herder for the videos. She does an excellent service to the community in providing these videos to re-create test conditions for the future):

Wednesday, March 27, 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific):

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Answers to the test:

1 Ulysses Grant
2 rave
3 Watson
4 inflation
5 margherita
6 Israel
7 Druids
8 slander
9 Hercule Poirot
10 20
11 Viola Davis
12 McCarthy
13 mansplaining
14 Hiawatha
15 Bucharest
16 protons
17 Beethoven
18 Boston Marathon
19 Atlanta
20 Joseph Heller
21 Mojave
22 Whips
23 Macbeth
24 gluten
25 Stonehenge
27 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
28 Marconi
29 Heraldry
30 Alps
31 Rene Descartes
32 Frozen
34 Valley Forge
35 Doyle
36 Bitcoin
37 Liliputian
38 Chrissy Teigen
39 Lucy
40 Banksy
41 Wonder Woman
42 Holy Roman Empire
43 Instagram
44 North Carolina
45 Hillary Clinton
46 23
47 humidity
48 Jurassic Park Place
49 Nabokov
50 Shake It Off

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