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Speaking of Game Show Network, what’s up with having just two broadcasts a day? And of the same episode? And of such recent episodes? And no episodes over the weekend?  It’s the Game Show Network! I expect three or four different episodes a day, and at least some from the 80s, 90s, or even from the days when Art Fleming hosted. Maybe if enough of us mobilize, we can make that happen. (Who’s with me?)

Yesterday’s episode (Friday, February 26) featured (in the order they were introduced) Kori from Tennessee, Ashok from Pennsylvania, and 1-day champion Ben from Georgia. Mr. Trebek let us know that Kori was a 1-day champion last year, who was brought back due to some kind of error the show made during Final Jeopardy of her second game. Sometimes I recognize contestants that have come back under similar circumstances, but this time I did not.

Do you love it when you get a question right and no one on the show did? It happened to me twice tonight, both during Double Jeopardy. The first time was under the category “Intellectual Property”: “Son Christopher inherited this noted conservative’s elegant co-op at 778 Park Avenue in 2008.” (Correct questions are found at the end of this entry.) This $2000 clue was the first selected in the category.  This supposedly makes it more difficult for contestants to answer, since they don’t have the benefit of getting to know the category through the easier clues.

The second time was also a $2000 clue, under “The 2009 Tony Awards”: “Geoffrey Rush won a Tony for his work on the revival of this French absurdist’s ‘Exit the King.'”

Kori got a Daily Double in Double Jeopardy, and it wound up being the last clue of the round. She had $7800, Ben had $15000, and Ashok had $400. She wagered $5000 on the clue, found under “Intellectual Property”: “In 1935, he bought a house at 112 Mercer Street in Princeton, New Jersey.” She produced a correct response in the nick of time, keeping Ben from having a lock on the game. Ben ultimately prevailed, though, on an easy clue (Mr. Trebek seemed to love pointing that out): “Begun in 1174, it was finally stabilized in May 2008, after more than 700 years of slow movement.”

Finally, for those teens who want to take the online test, an announcement was made that the test is coming up. Date and time were not provided on the commercial. Viewers were directed to the show’s website, http://www.jeopardy.com/, for details.

Thanks for reading.

Answers to the clues above, respectively: William F. Buckley, Eugene Ionesco, Einstein, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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