More stumpers

     After watching today’s Game Show Network episode of Jeopardy!, I think that unanswered clues are more common than I thought they were.  I counted 11 (not counting Daily Doubles).  I will give them to you one more time, except for the two that required a visual aid.  (I will count them in the future, though, just because I’m curious.)
$600 in Musical Before and After: “Reggae widow who appears to Scrooge”* (Okay, there’s one name associated with reggae.  But really, do they expect us to know his WIFE’S name?)
$400 in Eagle-Eyed: “The symbol of this youth organization is an eagle super-imposed on a stylized iris.”
$1000 in Eagle-Eyed: “This constellation that features the star Altair is in the shape of an eagle with a considerable wingspan.”
$1000 in Musical Before and After: “5-Star general who rocked out the South with ‘Fire on the Mountain.'”
$1600 in “Com”: “Controversial 1969 Philip Roth novel that was made into a 1972 film.”
$2000 in Sandra Bullock Movies: “Geeky research scientist Diane Farrow.”
$2000 in Dot: “Connect the Dots: the British author of ‘Pilgrimage’ or a two-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist softball player.”
$2000 in Scientists: “This great experimenter also gave lectures to London kids; In 1860, he showed them combustion requires air.”
$2000 in Onward to Ontario: “The War of 1812 Battle of Moraviantown in Canada was also known as the Battle of this Ontario river.”
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, Mark Barrett and Will Hester had $4800, and Elizabeth Randisi had $1200.  Elizabeth was silent for a while during Double Jeopardy, then nailed a Daily Double and moved into the lead with her $2500 wager: Flags: “When there was just one of this country, Emperor Kojang chose white as the flag’s background color.”  All three contestants got Final Jeopardy wrong, but Elizabeth held on to her lead to win the game: The Nobel Prizes: “For the first time in its history, the Nobel Prize for Literature was not awarded in this year.”  Clues like these raise more questions for me than they answer.  I wonder if in future entries I should explore such clues in order to gain some understanding….
     I played a few episodes of Jeopardy! that I had saved on my DVR.  The scores are below.  (Leave it to David Madden to make a person feel inadequate!)

Danelle Johnson, UT 4600
Eugene Manning, HI 10000
Celeste DiNucci, PA 0
Me 10798

Brad Jeffcoat, GA 15200
Reda Chambers, AZ 15600
Eugene Manning, HI 16400
Me 25602

Willy Jay, MD 2799
Catie Camille, NY 8800
David Madden, NJ 21400
Me 2800

*Rita Marley’s ghost, the Boy Scouts of America, Aquila, the George Marshall Tucker Band, Portnoy’s Complaint, Love Potion #9, Dot Richardson, Michael Faraday, the Thames, Korea, 1914

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