Before I get into today’s Jeopardy!, I wanted to let you know there is a Jeopardy! Challenger available on eBay again. Join me in posting your scores!  Here are my recent ones:

Conor Collins, RI 8000
Karla Ruksys, NJ 30000
Brandon Hathaway, GA 10400
Me 31202

Morgan Saxby, VA 32401
Marv Pena, CA 3500
Karla Ruksys, NJ 24500
Me 0

Jack Aponte, NY 338
Sarah Simadi, IL 4799
Morgan Saxby, VA 8000
Me 26800

     Morgan Saxby of VA was off to an unusually slow start today.  He was in the hole right away.  At the end of the Jeopardy round, he had just $1000.  Andrew Sidden of FL had 3000, and Arthur Christy of VA led with 5800.  Morgan added 2000 to his score on the second clue of the Double Jeopardy round, a Daily Double. In the category Pulitzer Prize Winners: “1978: This late language lover for his New York Times commentary.”*
     Here’s a clue from today’s episode that I got right and no one else did.  (I love it every time!)  For $800 in the category The Truck Stops Here: “There’s an Iron Skillet Coffee Shop at the Petro Truck Stop in this Texas town, made famous in a Marty Robbins song.”
     I was thinking so hard about the Final Jeopardy clue I almost forgot to write it down.  In Brand Logos: “Its original logo, designed in 1976, showed Isaac Newton sitting under a tree.”  All three contestants got it right, but it stumped me.  Andrew added 6002 to his 9400 while Morgan added 8201 to his 10600.  But it was not enough.  Arthur had 15400 going into Final Jeopardy, and added 5801 with his correct response.
     So today’s Jeopardy! didn’t end well for me.  Nothing against Arthur, but I liked both Morgan and Andrew.  With 3 wins and an average of more than $22000 a win, I thought Morgan had the makings of a 5-game winner and thus a Tournament of Champions contestant.  As for Andrew, I don’t know why I liked him.  What else can I say?  Besides this: Don’t forget about my contest.  Just become a follower of this blog before May 3rd and you are eligible to win.  Easy. 

*William Safire, El Paso, Apple