Tybalt Teases Two

     Today’s episode featured Nancy Williams, Bill Benison, and Tom LaPorta.  Tom demonstrated right out of the gate why he is a 2-day Jeopardy! champ: He swept the first category played, 2 Words in One.  (Sample clue: “Cleopatra’s cobra plus a command to stop gives us this road surface.”*)
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, Tom had 7200, Bill had 7400, and Nancy had 600.  By the time Nancy found the first Daily Double in the Double Jeopardy round in Ok, Corral Me, though, she had 6200.  She wagered 2000, which tied her for second place with Bill when she responded correctly on this clue: “As I’m this breed [pictured at right], you might want to keep your distance.”* 
     Nancy also found the second Daily Double of the round.  She had 11400, Tom had 11600, and Bill had 15400.  She earned 1500 on it, only to end the round on a low note by losing 2000 on the very next clue!  If it felt bad for us as viewers it must have felt really bad for her.  Here is the Daily Double clue, in Shakespeare’s Characters Described: “Queen of the Fairies.”*  (Thank you, high school English!  Could you guys come up with this one in time?)  This was the clue, in the same category, where Nancy lost 2000: “Nephew to the Lady Capulet.”*  We thought Bill answered this one correctly, but we were informed after the commercial break that he left the last letter off his answer.  The scores going into Final Jeopardy, then, were Tom 11600, Bill 13400, and Nancy 10900.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Colonial Africa.  Yikes.  The clue: “In 1945, Africa had only 4 independent countries; these 2 started with the same first letter.”*  Okay, I want to know who out there came up with this one in time, and I want to know if anyone knows what the other two countries are.  I was on the wrong track, thinking one was “Liberia” and trying to come up with another African “L” country.  Apparently Bill was trying the same thing.  He lost a whopping 10000 on the clue.  Nancy missed it too and lost 3600.  Tom got it right and picked up 5000, making him a 3-day champ with a total of 50501.
     Here are my scores, by the way, for Monday and Tuesday’s game this week.  I tried to play Wednesday, but something went wrong.  The screen froze on a clue early in the Jeopardy round, and I missed most of the show.  Boo!

Gordon Purcell 5997; Jenna Strickland 19900; Buddy Wright 20001; Me 20002

Tom LaPorta 16300; Amy Watts 3400; Buddy Wright 0; Me 20600
     Tomorrow and Saturday, I’m expecting to watch the show with the “Jeopar-daddy!”  Be sure to come back and see how we did.

*asphalt, longhorn, Titania, Tybalt, Egypt and Ethiopia
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