Girls rule, the categories drool (sometimes)

Wednesday: Alyssa Morgan     Jen Fick     Nora Corrigan       Me                         
                           3200                9300             1999             28022
     So I was wrong about Nora sticking around for a while.  This was a good game for me.  I swept Fun with American Idol Names.  Would you believe four of those five clues were triple-stumpers?  In fact the last six clues of the game were triple-stumpers (seven if you count Final Jeopardy).  I missed these two (too), in 15 Minutes of Fame: “As a result of this 1980 FBI sting operation, Michael Myers became the first house member to be expelled in over 100 years”* and “Introducing the world to the word ‘palimony,’ Michelle Triola sued this actor for support in 1979.”*  However, I slam-dunked this Final Jeopardy clue in Religion, and it felt good: “An aid to the faithful since the 13th century, one standard version has parts arranged in groups of 1, 3, or 10.”*
Thursday: Meg Miller     Markus Iturriaga     Jen Fick         Me
                    12900                  5200               11999          6798

     This was a bitter loss for me that I was still griping about to my friends after I went to work.  The Double Jeopardy round had brutal categories, like Commanders at War, 19th Century Opera, and Who Killed Me, Shakespeare?  (Hey, Nora, who said on her first episode that she is trying to see every Shakespeare play, would’ve done well in that category!)  Final Jeopardy was just as brutal a category for me, too: The Super Bowl (and yes, they did write that as two words).  This was the clue: “As of 2010 it’s the only current NFC team that has never played in the Super Bowl.”*
     So Meg was back today trying for a second win.  At the first break, she led with 3000.  (That’s not counting me with 4200.)  J.D. Lowry had 2600, and James Richardson had 600.  I went 4/5 in Say Cheese, Spat the Properly Spelld Wurd, It’s Good to Be Him, and State Mottoes.  I missed the 2000 clue in each of those categories. 
     I can’t believe I missed this 1000 clue in the spelling category: “Sacrilegious sheperds seperate suspisciously.”*  (I was about to say that I know how to spell all those words, but I had to read that first word off the screen over and over to make sure I had it right here!)
     This is the one I missed in the cheese category: “Fonduta is the Italian version of fondue, made with this type of cheese that also begins with ‘fon.'”*
     I knew one of the key words in this clue in the mottoes category, but couldn’t come up with the whole thing, and neither could anyone else: “Alaska has this 4-word motto.”*
     This is the one I missed in It’s Good to Be Him: “QBed his team to 3 Super Bowl wins in 4 years; probably never has to buy a meal in Boston again.”*
     Meg missed this Daily Double in the mottoes category, and lost 2400: “Pennsylvania’s motto is ‘virtue, liberty, and’ this, also the name of a hall there.”*
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, then, Meg had 5000, J.D. had 5200, James had 2200, and I had 6800. At the end of Double Jeopardy, Meg had 8200, J.D. had 15200, James had 13600, and I had 21600.  The Final Jeopardy category was The 9 Muses.  I felt pretty good about this one.  The muses often appear in crossword puzzles.  I missed it, though, and only Meg got it right on the show: “In a Balanchine ballet, Apollo, god of music, has a favorite muse: this one.”*  (Did you guys know it?)  Meg wagered wisely, 8199, almost doubling her score.  But then, no wager seems wise when a contestant misses Final Jeopardy and then loses, it seems.  J.D. lost 12050 and James lost 6400.  I lost 5602, just missing the win with a final score of 15998.  So Meg wins,which means the women won every day this week!
     Jeopardy!‘s going on summer break :-(, and will show their most recent Teen Tournament next week.   BUT, I will still be blogging, and maybe on more than what is shown on TV.  I’ve read on the show’s message boards about something called the Summer Hiatus Challenge.  I have tried to gather more information about it without being obnoxious, but so far haven’t been too successful (at gathering information, that is).  So far I know that it is a game that takes place on the message boards while the show is on summer break.  I intend to play, even if I have to guess at how. 🙂  We’ll see how it goes. 

*Abscam, Lee Marvin, rosary, the Detroit Lions, sacrilegious, fontina, North to the Future, Tom Brady, independence, Terpsichore

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