Summer Hiatus Challenge begins TONIGHT

     I mentioned in my last post that I was considering participating in the Summer Hiatus Challenge on the Jeopardy! message boards.  I asked the guy who hosts it if I could talk about my experience here.  Not only did he say yes, he suggested I encourage you guys to participate, too.  And good news for us (who are new): It looks like there’s going to be a division devoted just to new people (at least unofficially). 
     Here’s what you need to know to start: The host is going to post ten questions every day, Monday-Saturday; a Jeopardy round and a Double Jeopardy round.  You reply to the post with your responses (phrasing doesn’t matter) without Googling or using any other outside help, and obviously without reading any other replies to the post first.  You have 48 hours to reply to each post, except for the questions posted Saturdays, which must be replied to by Sunday night at midnight.  So even if you’re reading this after Sunday, you have until Tuesday night to enter in the first round of questions.  And after that, you can still join in at any time.  Here are the complete rules, which also explains the scoring and the “Tournament of Champions” week.
     Hurry and sign up with your appropriate eligibility – I assume most of us will be considered “ATB” (about-to-be champions, meaning we have never appeared on the show), and there are also teen and college divisions, and you can compete in more than one division if you qualify.

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