Part two of my interview with Vijay Balse, reigning ToC Champion!

(6) I read that your wife watches the show with you. Has she tried out for the show?

     “No, Jayshree has not tried out for the show. She feels, at least at present, that the emphasis of the clues on American topics puts her at a disadvantage relative to potential contestants born in the U.S., and has never expressed an interest even in taking the online J! test.
     However, she gets the correct responses to quite a few of the Final Jeopardy! clues that I miss. :)”

(7) I read that you wanted to use some of your winnings for travel and for putting a down payment on a new house. Have you done either of those yet?

     “Well, we’ve not had the time at present to take a vacation. And while the bulk of the ToC winnings after taxes have been earmarked towards the downpayment for a home, we don’t anticipate buying one in the near future.”

(8) You tried out for Jeopardy! six times in 16 years. Do you have any goals that you are pursuing now?

     “Well, if your question pertains to potential appearances on other TV quiz shows, I can state unequivocally that J! was it for me.
     As far as my profession as a chemical engineer goes, I hope that I can make meaningful contributions to the solution of technological issues of importance to the U.S., such as satisfying our energy needs in a sustainable manner.”

(9) Have you considered writing a book about your Jeopardy! experiences?

     “A friend of mine, J! champion Mark Barrett, joked that I should write a book called “Chem Dog Quarter Millionaire,” about how my life experiences helped me win the ToC. 😉
     Of course, I can’t say at this time if I’ll have the chance to embark upon any such project.”

(10) I don’t think I saw a trophy when you won the Tournament. Did you get one?

     “No, I did not receive a trophy, and, to the best of my knowledge, the College Championship is the only J! tournament to feature a trophy.”

(Photos courtesy of Robert Knecht Schmidt. That’s Vijay directly behind the cake, with the knife.)

     Thank you so much to Vijay Balse for this entertaining and informative interview!